April 18, 2014

4 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

Happy Friday! I mentioned at the beginning of the week that I'd be having a giveaway for all of the collaboration polishes I've showed on the blog this week and here it is for ya! I hope you guys enjoyed all the polishes this week as much as I did. I had such a fun time talking to all 4 ladies about these ideas in my head and it was crazy and exciting to see them come to life.

I want to send a big thank you to Lulu from Elevation Polish, Pam from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, Carrie from Contrary Polish and Pam from Girly Bits for working with me to make these polishes a reality. All 4 ladies are so wonderful, I'm a huge fan of all 4 brands and being able to create something with them was so exciting. These ladies are truly amazing at what they do and it was an honor making a polish with each of them.

Also wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog and being friends. I feel like the past 4 years have been quite the journey and I've made great friends along the way thanks to this blog. There has been times that I don't know what I'd do without having this as an outlet, it's because of you guys that I'm still motivated to blog even when I'm going through a rough patch in life. I never thought that I'd find something that I'd like the way I like blogging and talking about polish. It makes me feel less crazy to have all of you here with me <3 p="">
To enter the giveaway please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open worldwide. The giveaway ends at Midnight PST on 4/25/14. I will email the winner, they have 72 hours to reply or I will have to pick a new winner. For all the long terms & conditions click here!

Good luck everyone!

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April 17, 2014

Collaboration Week: Girly Bits x The PolishAholic- Darkly Dreaming

Hi guys! Today I have the last of my Collaboration polishes to share with you. This one comes from Girly Bits! Girly Bits was one of the very first indie brands I ever tried and fell in love with! Pam never ceases to amaze me with all the gorgeous polishes she puts out. I always love the inspirations behind her polishes and how she brings them to life!

If you've been reading The PolishAholic for a while you probably have seen me mention numerous times that I've been lusting after a green with a copper shimmer. It's been a polish I've been wanting for literally like 2 years, I've never managed to find the perfect one! When I was talking to Pam about this collaboration I was pretty much like "I need a green version of Cu Blue in my life" and Darkly Dreaming was born! This is exactly what I've been after for so so long, it's the perfect dark forest green and it's jelly enough that the copper shimmer to shines through beautifully. It's basically everything I could have wanted it to be!

The name was inspired by Dexter! The first book in the Dexter series is called Darkly Dreaming Dexter! If you liked the show I highly recommend reading the books, they are different and so good. If you remember back a little over a year when I collaborated with piCture pOlish you might remember me saying that Darkly Dreaming was the original name of Mallard! I've been holding onto this name for a long time and I feel like it fits perfectly with this polish :)

Giant thank you to Pam for finally making my perfect green with a copper shimmer happen. I've been wanting a polish just like this for so long that it's almost surreal that I finally have it!

Girly Bits can be purchased at http://www.girlybitscosmetics.com/, you can also find them at several stockists including Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Mei Mei's Signatures, Overall Beauty and Femme Fatale Cosmetics

April 16, 2014

Collaboration Week: Contrary Polish x The PolishAholic- Beacon Street

Hi guys! Today's collaboration comes from the fabulous Contrary Polish! Contrary Polish is one of my favorite indie brands, Carrie makes some of the most beautiful shimmers I've come across. I love her brand because I feel it's unique amongst a sea of glitter bombs that we tend to see a lot from the indie world. I've always been a huge fan of the interesting combos of base color and shimmer color that Carrie releases and was so excited to work with her on a polish I've been dreaming up for ages!

I don't think it's any secret that Nails Inc Baker Street is pretty much my favorite blue of all time, if there was ever a perfect blue creme it would be that. I've always wanted a shimmery version of it, so when I was talking to Carrie about what I had in mind I explained how I had been dreaming up a matte cobalt blue with a darker blue shimmer. Unfortunately the dark shimmer wasn't working so Carrie tried out a lighter blue shimmer and WOW! I never imagined my dream shimmery cobalt with a lighter shimmer but it ended up being even better than what I had been envisioning for so long!

For the name I wanted something that would be a nod to Baker Street as it was the reason I fell so in love with cobalt blue and I also wanted it to be a nod to my favorite band, No Doubt. So Beacon Street was born, Beacon Street is one my favorite No Doubt albums!

Below are photos of Beacon Street both without top coat and with top coat. It looks fabulous either way. I can't even deal with how much I love this polish, it's perfect!

Lighting: Shade

With Top Coat

I really can't say enough how much I love this polish. Thank you to Carrie for making this polish a reality for me, it's so much better than I could have ever imagined!

Contrary Polish is available in mini size at http://www.contrarypolish.com/, you can buy full size bottles from the stockists who carry Contrary Polish. They are Llarowe, Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Mei Mei's Signatures, Norway Nails, Hypnotic Polish and Rainbow Connection.

April 15, 2014

Collaboration Week: Whimsical Ideas by Pam x The PolishAholic- PolishAholic

Hi guys!  Today I have my collaboration with Whimsical Ideas by Pam called PolishAholic to share with you! Don't forget to come back at the end of the week for a chance to win this polish and all of the other collabs I'm posting this week!

I adore Pam and all the gorgeous polishes she makes, she is wholly responsible for making me love circle glitter like I do. The first polish I got with circle glitter that made me go WOW was from her! Naturally that means I had to go to Pam with my circle glitter idea. I didn't even know what exactly I was after, I emailed Pam being like I just want circle glitter and she went from there. I am totally in love with what she created, it's a clear based glitter topper loaded with small glitter, small green cirle glitter and larger green and green holographic circle glitter. Green AND circle glitter, be still my heart! It's perfection and totally me in a bottle, which is why it got the name PolishAholic! I'm totally in love with this and I've been layering it over pretty much everything the last few weeks that I've had it! Below are a couple of the combos I really enjoyed!

PolishAholic over Seche Conquer The World

PolishAholic over PaintFab Lass With Sass

Big giant THANK YOU to Pam for not only doing this polish with me but for all just being wonderful. If you've never tried her polishes you're missing out. I'm always impressed with the gorgeous polishes she releases! You can find Whimsical Ideas by Pam over on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/whimsicalideasbypam all ordering for Pam's polishes is done via email and info for that can be found on her Facebook page!

April 14, 2014

Collaboration Week: Elevation Polish x The PolishAholic- Degen & Oreo

Hi guys! Welcome to Collaboration Week!! Tomorrow is my big 4th blog anniversary and to celebrate I worked with 4 of my favorite indie brands to create a few of my dream polishes! I can't begin to thank all of you enough for all of your support over the last 4 years. It's crazy to me that I'm still writing about polish and I still love it just as much as I did on day 1. Hopefully there will be many more years to come! I'm very excited to share with you the collaboration shades I've been working on with these wonderful indie makers over the last 4 months, I hope you all like them as much as I do! There will also be a fun giveaway at the end of the week where you can win my collaborations so make sure you check back for that on Friday!

The first collaboration I have to share is with the fabulous Elevation Polish. What made me love Elevation Polish initially was the gorgeous creme polishes Lulu creates. Cremes can be hard to come by in the indie world so I was ecstatic when I was pointed in the way of Elevation Polish. Not only does Lulu make awesome cremes but she makes incredible shimmers, glitters and holos too. There is really something for everyone from Elevation!

When I approached Lulu I was so nervous about asking her if she'd want to do a couple polishes with me, not only because I adore her polishes but because the duo I had in mind was the most special to me and I was worried she might say no lol! Luckily Lulu was quick to reply and after I was done fangirling I pitched my idea of making an Oreo and Degen duo. Oreo and Degen are secret besties that pretend to hate each other but you know they secretly snuggle when no one is home to see....

I'm going to be putting all the swatches for this post under a cut, since there are a lot! I'm also going to be showing you 2 versions of Degen. Lulu couldn't decide on 1 so she sent me both and really, I can't decide which I like more either so I decided to post both of them. They are both so different and beautiful!

Degen and his ultimate bish face invite you into this post, click the read more button to see the polishes!

April 12, 2014

Maya Cosmetics Sprummer Collection Swatches & Review

Happy weekend! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far, mine is alright. Degen had to get a tooth pulled yesterday so I'm snuggling my fur baby back to health. I don't think he's too upset about it, he gets to have wet food for like 2 weeks while he heals so he's stoked. He probably thinks he hit the jackpot and is getting cat food, which is like his favorite thing to attempt to eat. We call him a wiener cat because of his love of trying to figure out ways to sneak into the room where Oreo gets fed.

Today I have the Maya Cosmetics Sprummer Collection to share with you! This collection is 7 polishes for Spring/Summer. There are all kinds of finishes, everything from shimmers to holos and glitters. I really like the variety of colors in this collection, there are some stunners in here! Check out all the swatches after the jump!

April 11, 2014

OPI MLB Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Friday! Anyone have any fun plans this weekend? Today Degen is getting his teeth cleaned, I'm a nervous wreck because of it. They put him under anesthesia for it and I seriously worry like a crazy person because of it. Hopefully he won't need any teeth pulled or anything...I'll be happy when it's over, I'm sure he will too haha!

Today I have the new MLB Collection from OPI to share with you. OPI has teamed up with Major League Baseball to release a 7 piece collection inspired by the sport. I'm not much of a baseball person to be honest. I've been to a few games, I vividly remember going to an Angels game with my parents when I was a kid and being stung by a pack of bees when I was trying to catch a foul ball. Other than that my only memories of baseball games are going to games and eating hot dogs and drinking beer...I guess that's what you are supposed to do there? Anyway, check out all the swatches & reviews after the jump!

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