December 31, 2010

OPI Katy Perry Collection Swatches & Review

Hey all, happy last day of 2010! What a way to end the year here on my blog, with a collection that I've been looking forward to since the first time I heard about it. OPI has teamed with Katy Perry for this collection, I love this...Katy always has great nails in my opinion. She is one of the few celebs that I look forward to seeing on the red carpet just to see her nails! The Katy Perry Collection consists of 5 new polishes, one of them being Black Shatter...a crack polish!

First up is Not Like The Movies, a silvery green and light purple duochrome. There is a bit of silver glitter thrown in for good measure. This polish was a bit sheer but I really liked the look of it after 2 coats. It did however show brushstrokes in the sun, but that doesn't really bother me. The formula was good, a little thin for my taste but it was not hard to apply.

Not Like The Movies- 2 coats


Teenage Dream is packed with small hexagon and round pink and iridescent glitter in a light pink base. The glitter in this polish was very dense so the formula is a bit thick, you might want to thin it...I probably will for the next time I use it. Despite the thick formula it was easy to apply and control. Teenage Dream was a lot more opaque that I thought it would be, you can see a bit of visible nail line but it's not too noticeable. This polish is gorgeous!

Teenage Dream- 2 coats




Last Friday Night is a sibling of Teenage Dream, small hexagon and round blue and iridescent glitter in a light blue base. The formula was the same as Teenage Dream, thick but easy to work with. Last Friday Night was unfortunately not as opaque as I had hoped. I was a bit let down by this on it's own, it's gorgeous but it shows more visible nail line than I am personally comfortable with. I have high hopes for this as a layering polish. Also, just wait till you get to this under Black Shatter it's my favorite combo!

Last Friday Night- 2 coats





The One That Got Away is a glass flecked's incredible! I actually thought this would be my least favorite, but wouldn't you know it turned out to be my surprise favorite of the collection!! The formula on this was just wow, perfection...seriously. The polish flowed so nicely, it practically applied itself. I love the color and finish of this, the glass flecks really do something special here. It's pretty great under Black Shatter also.

The One That Got Away- 2 coats






Alright now the one I know we are all looking forward to. When I got home last night and found this package waiting for me I ripped it open as fast as I could and went off to play with Black Shatter. Can I just say that I am SO happy that the US polish companies are all climbing on this crack/shatter polish trend...I love it! Please OPI, make this in more colors I am begging you! Below I have it layered over each of the polishes from the Katy Perry Collection, check back tomorrow for tons more options!

Some tips for applying Black Shatter:

** Make sure you have enough polish on the brush to cover your entire nail. Black Shatter dries incredibly fast and if you have to dip the brush back in the bottle to pick up more polish it makes the effect look funky.

** Your base color must be completely dry, it does work if the base polish is a bit tacky but the effect isn't as good in my opinion.

** If you want a realllly shattered look apply a thin coat, it will crack/shatter more. If you want less of that effect use a thicker coat.

Black Shatter over Last Friday Night

Black Shatter over Not Like The Movies

Black Shatter over Teenage Dream

Black Shatter over The One That Got Away

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December 30, 2010

2010 Favorites!!

Hey guys! I'm you have seen about a bajillion of these in the last couple days and here's mine to add to that, my favorite polishes of 2010. Not all of these came out this year but this was the year that I fell in love with them! This was no easy task, my list was realllllly long but I managed to narrow it down to 15, each of these I have either worn multiple times OR for more than 3 days...which is pretty rare for me so that means they are pretty awesome!

Before the pictures I want to thank you all for reading my ramblings every day, I never thought this blog would bring me the satisfaction it has. This has been one of the crappier years in my life and this little haven of mine has been such a bright spot for me. I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) New Years celebration tomorrow night! I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring!

These are in no particular order other than what I had named the pictures when I saved them...

Deborah Lippmann- Across The Universe

Mac- Bad Fairy

Zoya- Crystal

Milani- Dude Blue

Barielle- Elle's Spell

China Glaze- Frosty

OPI- DS Glamour

Finger Paints- Holly Good Time

Nubar- Indigo Illusion

Misa- Dirty Sexy Money

LIquid Euphoria- Nirvana

Ozotic Pro- 505

Nubar- Reclaim *shudders at this swatch, must re-do*

Orly- Space Cadet with bonus cat butt in the background, yay!

Essence- Choose Me aka Zoya- Charla aka OPI- Catch Me In Your Net

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Girl Flower

Good Morning guys, last day of work before freedom for an awesome 3 day weekend! yay! Before I get to the awesome that is below I have to tell you guys that I went to Ulta last night and they were having a MASSIVE polish clearance. It included OPI Burlesque, Barielle Holiday, China Glaze Holiday, Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl plus other random older polishes. Great deals! If you have an Ulta near you I would highly suggest checking it out!

Onto the awesome, not a new invention by any means but the first time I've personally tried anything like this so I am now a total fan girl. Sally Hansen just put out a line of "Salon Effects" nail polish strips, we've all seen these before made by brands like Nail Fraud or Incoco...or the higher end Minx. The Sally Hansen strips come in a box of 16 strips and were selling for $10 a box at Walgreens, where I bought them. They were on sale for Buy One Get One 1/2 off though! I'll easily be able to get 2 full manicures out of each box so I don't think the price is too bad! These are super fun just for something different or if you have a special occasion. There were tons of designs to pick from, a bunch that are just plain colors...some with tons of glitter and then ones with designs like plaid or lace etc... I picked up 3 boxes, the flowers (below), a houndstooth design and one of the really glittery ones. I decided to test the flowers first since they seemed like they would hide any imperfections the best.

Application was really easy, there was a bit of a learning curve but overall I didn't have any issues.Next time the only thing I will do differently is getting the strip closer to the cuticle! On the instructions it did not say if you were supposed to add a top coat or not, but I worried that they wouldn't last well if I didn't so I put a coat of Seche Vite over them. The first 2 pictures below are without top coat and under lamp light, the last 2 pictures are with a coat of Seche Vite and in natural light.I don't really see a difference other than my nails being a bit more shiny. I would fully without a doubt buy these again, they are fun and easy and a hell of a lot cheaper than Minx. I enjoy nail art for people like me, who suck at actually doing nail art!

Without Top Coat
Without Top Coat

With Top Coat
With Top Coat

December 29, 2010

Sally Hansen- Gentle Blossom

Good Mornin'! 1 more day left of work till a glorious  3 days weekend, I can't wait! The rain here is back today, ugh. I love some rain but I've had enough...I guess I should just be glad I don't live somewhere that gets mudslides. On Christmas we went down to my Aunt's house in San Clemente and you could see where a river of mud went down their street. I guess it was so bad that it was even inside their van, ew!

Today I have for you guys Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom. This comes from a brand new display popping up at drug stores for a new line from SH called "Nail Growth Miracle". Most of the colors were pretty boring but this one caught my attention. I thought Gentle Blossom would be a little more minty green, but it pulls pretty blue on me. Reminds me of BB Couture- Manbug, just with shimmer instead of glitter. The silver-ish shimmer in this polish came through really well, I worried that it might be one of those hidden shimmers but it peeks through really strongly! I really like this polish, should SH come out with more colors for this new line that interest me I'll definitely be picking them up!

This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen- Gentle Blossom

December 28, 2010

Zoya Spring 2011 "Intimate" Collection preview

Hey guys, came across this on a couple of other blogs...thought I'd pass along the info. All credit goes to Crystaliciousss and Perfection is Possible

Looks like this is what Zoya has in store for us for Spring 2011, the "Intimate" collection. Gotta say it doesn't really excite me, I think perhaps it will be better in person or in actual swatches. Dannii intrigues me a bit....but I feel like I have seen everything else before.

China Glaze- Groovy Green

Hi everyone! Good Morning! Today's post is going to be short because I have a massive headache :(. I picked up China Glaze- Groovy Green on a trip to a dusty one day, only to realize now it's a little HTF...sorry! I can see why people would try to be finding it, Groovy Green is a really gorgeous pale green creme, sometimes shades like this give me lobster hands but not this time! The formula was ok, not great. It was pretty streaky, I used 2 medium coats and then 1 thick one to even it all out. Please ignore the black speck of whatever on my ring finger, we can blame that on my new bottle of Seche Vite...I hate when that happens!


December 27, 2010

Nubar- Indigo Illusion

Good Morning! Monday...ugh. Anyone else around here have a serious case of the Monday's or is it just me? I had a hard time rolling out of bed this morning, it was one of those *I have to be at work in 15 minutes I should get up* kinda things. But hey, at least it's a short week for me...we get Friday off again this week! Hope you all had a good holiday, mine actually turned out better than I expected. I got a lot of Urban Outfitters giftcards so I will be picking up some nail polish I've wanted for a while from Anna Sui, RGB, Eyeko etc... yay! Hopefully you all got everything you wanted!

Today's mani is Nubar- Indigo Illusion, a gorgeous purplish grey/green duochrome. Another one that I wonder how I let it sit untried for so long. The duochrome in this one was very strong, it didn't seem to me like my nails were ever just 1 color no matter what angle I was holding my hand at! The formula was great, but are we surprised? Nope, Nubar makes excellent polish! For the pictures below I used 2 coats!

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