April 15, 2010

Very First Post!!

Hi everyone, or well actually just me at the moment...hopefully someday there will be an everyone! After years and years of biting my nails I finally decided about a year or so ago to kick the habit, as a way to treat myself I bought some (okay, a lot) nail polish. That day was the day that my nail polish addiction started! Since then I have acquired as of this exact moment 122 different shades of polish, though that number is going to grow as soon as UPS arrives at my house today! HOORAY! Since I started collecting polish I have been trying to figure out ways to creatively use all my polish, I have been experimenting with the Konad nail art stamping (though I'm not great at it!), using stickers, nail art pens, q-tips, water marbling etc. Unfortunately until a couple of weeks ago I never thought to really take pictures of all these different designs on my nails. It wasn't until I was keeping my Grandma company at the hospital that she had the great suggestion of taking pictures, mostly so I could show them to her when I visit.

I'm going to go ahead and apologize in advance for the terrible quality of these pictures, I promise they will get better even if I'm the only one looking at them!

This is currently what my nails look like, partially inspired by my wonderful duvet cover from Ikea. I used Ulta Professional "Holiday in Turks & Caicos" as a base then applied Ulta Professional "Blue For You" on top of it. I was really happy with how they turned out!

I thought I would also throw in a couple of pictures that I had on my phone from painting my nails in the past weeks!

This one is done using the water marbling technique, if you have never heard of that search "nail polish marbling" on youtube, there are tons of helpful tutorials. Unfortunately I have no idea what polishes I used to do this, except for China Glaze "Grape Pop" I remember being really excited about using it since I had just gotten it in the mail!

For these nails I used the Konad Nail Art Stamping kit, I'll have to go back and find the plate number later today (when I get home form work!). These were some of my favorite nails I have ever done! I had to really pat myself on the back when I was done with them, I dont think I've ever had such clean looking Konad-ing haha!

Well that's it for now, I look forward to updating this blog. Even if no one ever reads it I will get to look back on this in the future and see how awesome my nails were once upon a time!
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  1. Hey Jen, Congrats for the starting your blog, and welcome to the community of NP addicts. Looking forward to more posts and many pictures of nails arts. Regarding the NP collection, just make sure your credit card can take it, I bet you in a year from now, the number of polishes you have will double, so be ready ...

  2. I love reading people's first posts! I just read the comment above from Kami, I bet your collection has already tripled!

  3. 122 bottles, huh? *giggle* I'd be interested to know how many you have a year and a half later!

  4. wow Jen you've come a looooooooooong way!! if someone showed me these pictures and told me they were yours id say hell to the no! hahhahaa

  5. I read your blog every single day and I just spent 1 hour searching for your first post on my iPhone lol. I think your blog is awesome and inspiring.

  6. Melissa GralnickMarch 1, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    It is so fun to watch how people grow.  I love your blog and swatches and decided I wanted to go back and read your blog from the beginning.  I love seeing how much you've grown!  Yeah for the successful blog.  If I may ask, I just started my blog last week and am wondering how you grew yours?  Sorry if this is the incorrect place to ask and if you don't answer me back I will understand.  Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  7. Love your blog!  It was nice to see your first entry and how far you have come.  I look forward to your entries with eager anticipation.  Keep up the great work...you always have something special for us.  <3

  8.  Thank you so much ♥

  9.  lol I know right! Sometimes I don't believe they are mine either, I have come a long way!

  10. How did you sop biting your nails? I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!

  11. I used nail polish as a reward, every week I didn't bite them I would buy myself a bottle. Everything I tried before that never worked! Now I never even think about biting them!

  12. I just stumbled up on your blog and I am really impressed.  I've been taking notes and I'm on the path to try to do my own nails.  The money I spend at the salons could go towards the cool colors on your blog... I must say you and your nails have come a long way.  They are so long and I was discouraged because my nails are so short right now... I'll keep reading as long as you keep blogging!!!

  13. WOW. I've been looking for this post! You are one of my blog inspirations and the reason I started my own nail polish blog! I check your blog ALL the TIME!!! Its great to see where you started!!! From an audience of yourself to thousands! I hope to be as successful one day! <3

  14. Thanks Stania :)


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