April 23, 2010

What the Swirled?

Happy Friday!!! So glad this work week is almost over, its been a crazy one! I look forward to many random naps this weekend haha. Also, it seems like blogger is being a pain in the rear uploading pictures so I'm just going to upload them to Imageshack for now!

My nails today were inspired by something very very yummy....frozen yogurt!! I went to Cherry on Top yesterday afternoon and got a wonderful cup of Belgian Chocolate, Cake Batter and Hawaiian Delight yogurt topped with rainbow caps....delicious!

the yummy inspiration:

Now onto the nails...I used American Apparel Hassid, American Apparel Cotton and American Apparel Rose Garden and marbled them. Truly one of my favorite ways to do my nails...I love the way they come out!


  1. Love it. Those colours shouldn't look so tasty all mixed up together but they do! x

  2. in the netherlands we have "Swirl" where you can choose 2 types of icecream, 4 types of fruit and 2 types of topping which they "swirl". it;s delicious

  3. I love this! Do you have a tutorial on your site? I looked around and found a splatter one, but that did not look the same as water marbling. Thanks so much :)

  4. I don't unfortunately :( You should check out a user on Youtube named mysimplelittlepleasures she does amazing water marble tutorials, they are better than I could ever dream of doing!


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