May 23, 2010

Cloudy Sunset

This morning has been very eventful. I took Degen out and George the Squirrel was up in the bird feeders. Degen ran around in circles barking at George then when George decided to come down and make a run for the trees. Degen ran after him and almost caught him this time! It was pretty funny, poor Degen gets so worked up when he sees squirrels, I dont know what he would do if he ever caught one...actually I do know, he would probably try to find the squeaker inside it lol.

I picked up this color a few weeks ago at Ulta, I finally got around to putting it on. Its a nice creamy orange, it's not super bright like most of the orange colors out there right now, it kind of reminds me of a a color out of a sunset. I have a bunch of orange polishes in my collection and it looks like this is a unique color for me. Scroll down for a swatch if you'd like to see it :)

For my mani today I used Ulta Professional- Orange You Glad Its Summer, I stamped over it with the cloud design on Konad plate M79 using American Apparel- Cotton polish.

Here is a picture of the bottle and a swatch of the color, both are taken inside under a lamp:


  1. Really pretty mani. Love the color and LOVE the Konading too,

  2. That's a pretty shade of orange. It's not so bright and in your face. Love the clouds.


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