May 1, 2010

Dipped in Fun!

Happy Weekend! I look forward to sleeping a lot this weekend haha. Yesterday afternoon I went on a little bit of polish shopping spree, on accident! I went to Sally Beauty because I wanted to get one of those tools to do dots since every other method I've tried has sucked. I walked in and bam...there is a giant sign BUY 2 GET 1 FREE. Bad bad bad, I should have just left. Eventually I did leave, with 3 bottles of China Glaze and a bunch of "Stripe Rite" polishes in a variety of colors...I also got my little tool that I wanted, usually I would forget to pick up the thing I went to get in the first place so I am somewhat proud of myself that I remembered it. After that shopping spree I went and saw the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie, which is the reason I am still awake past 1am! The movie kind of sucked, but Freddy Krueger creeps me the heck out! All I can think of when I close my eyes is that song...1 2 Freddy's coming for you...3 4 better lock the door AHHHH, I am seriously traumatized by it from when I was a child.

Yesterday at work the office manager was walking around with this weird box filled with old school candy. Inside was stuff like candy cigarettes, red hots, wax lips etc... She said that I could have whatever I wanted, and a packet of fun dip caught my eye. I always loved fun dip as a kid but I was drawn to it because I liked the colors on the packet! I decided I wanted to paint my nails to match it, which is what led me to my Sally Beauty Supply spree.

Now the nails, I used China Glaze Entourage as a base and used my super fancy dotting tool thingy to dot on China Glaze Shower Together and OPI Alpine Snow (Matte). Covered all of it with a coat of Seche Vite!

I think one day I might re-do these and sponge some of the blue onto the green, I think that would make it look a little more like the actual package, but I'm happy with the outcome! Hopefully now I will be able to get some shut eye without Freddy haunting my dreams!


  1. These look so freaking good! I'm jealous of your mad skills.

  2. I love your inspired nails! It inspires me too! lol!


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