May 26, 2010

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Happy hump day, I swear it feels like it should be Friday by now. I think that's just wishful thinking! I am considering  maybe getting away this weekend or next..I have 3 day weekends for both (yay!!) maybe San Diego or Santa Barbara, whichever is cheaper. It would be nice to have a "me" weekend of relaxing and not dealing with the world. Its been a rough year in regards to stuff with my family and the stress of it has been weighing on me...I think a weekend of soaking in a bathtub and strolling on a beach is exactly what I need!

Today's nails were inspired by the most handsome guy I have ever met in my whole dog Degen =) I think it was back when he was 1 or 2 (he is 6 now) I dressed him up as a bumble bee for Halloween, here is a picture with a crazy eye as a bonus lol. Now that I look back on the picture I am wondering why the black on the costume is dots and not stripes, it kind of looks like what would happen if a bee and a ladybug had a baby. The second picture was taken about 10 seconds after the first, you can see his time as a bumble bee  was pretty about 30 seconds in total. Since this Halloween Degen has had the nickname "Bees", he even answers to it!

On my nails I used OPI- Need Sunglasses as a base and the LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art polish in Black for the stripes. It's my first time venturing into the world of free-handing any kind of stripe onto my nail, it's going to take a lot of practice to get good at that! Sorry for the weird picture, my thumb was the test nail, I was going to sponge on the stripes but it was a massive fail and I didnt have time to fix it before work lol

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