May 18, 2010

The "frustration" manicure

let me explain the reasoning behind calling this the "frustration" manicure. Last night I was doing my nails, I decided I wanted to use one of the Bundle Monster plates I got. It was an epic fail...twice. Not because of the plates, but because I kept bumping into things or smudging nails. I was so annoyed that I took all the polish off and decided to do something simple. Little did I know I would end up really liking this simple manicure.

I used Sally Hansen Fairy Teal as a base and American Apparel Hassid for the tips. I believe this might be the first time in my DIY nail painting life that I have done some kind of variation of a real french manicure.

Also, I had to throw this picture in because about an hour after finishing my nails I was resting my hand on my leg and noticed that my nails matched my PJ's lol...I really do love my Teal & Black combos!
P.S. The sun finally came out yay, turned out not to be such a cruddy day after all!


  1. Agh! I bump into stuff with my wet nails all the time too! Did tonight as a matter of fact! :)

  2. doesnt that drive you crazy?!? I don't too it too often but I when I could just scream lol

  3. I adore Fairy Teal; I wish I didn't have so many untrieds left so I could wear it again XD

  4. did you do the tips freehand? i'm still working on mastering the tips!

  5. wish I could say I freehanded that, I'm not that good lol. I used those french mani guide stickers. Maybe one day I will be able to freehand a straight line, would make my life easier!


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