May 16, 2010

Ulta Professional- Black Diamond Swatch

Happy Sunday! Today is my "be lazy day" I slept in until almost 11am, it was awesome!

Today I have a swatch of one of my polishes I picked up the other day. This is Ulta Professional- Black Diamond. I thought it was going to be horrible to apply, the first coat was really streaky but the second coat was perfect and completely opaque for me. This is 2 coats and a top coat of Seche Vite. The first picture is in the shade, the second is in the sun. I like this color because it looks like just regular boring black until you get in the sun and then it's so pretty! It has mostly gold glitter but it looks like there might be some pink and green glitter in there also.


  1. Purrrrty! Love the sparkle in it!

  2. Ooh. How nice! It looks like a black version of OPI's Holiday Glow with the gold glitter (which is what I was expecting Holiday Glow to be). Thanks for the shade and sun pics to see the difference.


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