May 22, 2010

Sally Hansen High Def.- DVD

When I saw this color tonight my first thought was holy wow, second was "no Jen, you do not need more nail polish", third was HOLY WOW. Since I have no self control I bought it, along with 2 others from this collection and a Color Club polish that was calling my name. I am beginning to think that all nail polish calls my name and I need to start tuning it out a bit lol.

Anyway, onto the awesome. This color in the bottle is seriously amazing, I thought it might not live up to that on the nail but it totally does! I think this might actually surpass OPI Ink as my favorite polish in my stash, we'll have to see if I still feel this way in a couple days. My only complaint---- 4 coats. But I can forgive that since the result is so fantastical. I took a bunch of pictures because sometimes it looks blue and sometimes purple and also because its amazing so it deserves a lot of pictures, all pictures we're taken either with flash or under a lamp...since its midnight there is no sunlight to be found.

This picture is with flash:

Low Flash:

Under a lamp, no flash:

Under a lamp, no flash:

Under a lamp, no flash:

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad this looks as amazing on the nail as it did in the bottle! Beautiful on you. I couldn't resist and bought the whole collection. I love the HD's.


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