May 6, 2010

Seein' Stars?

It's almost Friday! This has seriously felt like the longest week ever! Last night I was supposed to go over and spend some time with Lacey then my night just decided to suck and it was spent somewhere not fun. But today, I think things are turning around! Why....because the Sonic they built by me is opening today LOL. Now I know this might not be exciting to some people but I am SO excited for this! The closest one is like 20 miles away and I've been there twice, I've had to suffer through seeing their yummy looking commercials for years so it will be nice to drive a couple of minutes to Sonic if I want to. I plan on going after work to get a Cherry Slush and some tots! One the the girls at work has a son that is going to be working there, I hope that somehow that will benefit me ha ha! On Tuesday I went and got tickets to see one of my favorite local bands, New Years Day! A few years ago, 2007 ish I think, they started getting popular then their label went bankrupt and pretty much screwed them over so its been a while since I've gotten to see them! On Tuesday we also stopped by Lush...that store is seriously dangerous for me. I went in to get a Lemony Flutter and left with that, a scrub called Ocean Water (I think?), lip gloss and a big old gift for my Mom for Mothers Day. I wish they would make nail polish...maybe one day.... what else has been going on hmmm I bought the Neon Trees cd, its pretty much amazing I'm sad there are only 8 songs on it, it's been on repeat at my desk all day.

Onto zee nails... I used American Apparel Factory Grey as a base, I like this color it almost matches my car! Then I dotted on American Apparel Hassid and tried to make it look like there was a star outline. You can only really see it on the thumb and middle finger, the rest are kinda meh and messy looking...guess that's what happens when I have like 5 minutes to do my nails before work!

tonight I think I am going to re-do my nails like how they were the other day looking like snakeskin, but with a different color combo so maybe the Konad will actually be visible! *fingers crossed*

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