May 2, 2010

semi fail nails :(

So this plan I had of sleeping this weekend was a total bust. But I got a lot done because of it, pretty much cleaned my room from top to bottom. I don't think its been this clean in well, ever! I also watched a ton of nail art videos on youtube looking for ideas to do on my own nails in the future. I decided to do one of them today! It is supposed to look kinda like fish scales (I think it looks more like snakeskin), the ones I saw on youtube turned out great.....mine not so much.

I used American Apparel Downtown LA as a base and sponged on Sally Hansen Purple Pulse then used Konad plate M57 with my base color, to finish I slathered it all with a coat of Seche Vite. The issue with these nails is that you cant really see the Konad part in person, it shows up in the pictures but unless I'm in really bright light you cant see it. :( bad color combo for the effect I suppose. Oh well, I still like the way they turned out!

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