June 7, 2010

2 New ORLY Plastix Polishes!!

Hey guys, today has been a really amazing nail polish day for me. Got a bunch of OPI & China Glaze for cheap like whoa. I also went by Ulta and guess what they put out.... the new Orly Plastix Collection!! I went to Ulta about a week ago and they had them behind the register but wouldn't let me buy them yet so I was happy to see them hiding in the back of the store waiting so nicely for me. I drove home like a psycho and got to painting lol.

I only bought 2 colors since I wasn't sure if I'd like them or not.... and do I like them?? Let's just say I will be going back to get the other 2 shades very soon! These both have a great formula, a little on the thick side but I like my polish like that so its a-ok with me! They dry to a matte finish but are not like any of the other matte polishes I own, I can't really describe it...I suck at describing things unless I can use the terms glittery or sparkly lol

First up is Orly- Purple Pleather, its a nice bright purple. I was having a bit of a problem capturing the finish of the polish, the second picture shows it a little better, as we all know purple is sometimes a pain to capture correctly on camera so its looking a little more blue than it actually is, the second picture is also more true to the actual color. This is 2 coats of polish, no top coat.

This is Orly- Viridan Vinyl, I really really love this color. Its a nice teal blue. The way the finish looks on the middle finger is the most true to life. This is 2 coats, no top coat.


  1. Wow, lucky you for getting them so early! They look great, and I can't wait for them to show up around here.

  2. Are they supposed to be top-coated or no?

  3. I don't think they are meant to have a top coat...you would lose the matte/plastic effect. They do look good with a top coat though so you could wear them either way!

  4. OOh this finish is cool! Would love to try them.

  5. I've been looking for swatches of these everywhere, so glad I finally found them on your blog! These look really unique, i'm loving the teal one!

  6. I like Viridan Vinyl that is awesome.

  7. They had them out at my Ulta too and I picked them up--check out my swatches! I wasn't too impressed with the "plastic" finish. It seemed like a satin matte--nothing revolutonary. What did you think? Love your blog!

  8. I agree Lunuland...at first I was like WHOA these are so cool, but after looking at them all day today on my nails it is pretty much just a satin matte. They are still awesome though, I really like them with a top coat


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