June 24, 2010

Del Sol- Electrick

Last night was an epic polish haul night for me, I love when that happens! I bought 6 new bottles of OPI 5 of which were new to me and are colors I had been wanting for a while (but was too cheap to buy, I found a place that sells OPI for $3.75, WHAT!!). The other 1, A Grape Fit, was a replacement bottle....my original fell off the counter in my bathroom and broke, the floor is a nice shade of purple now! I got a few more China Glaze polishes and my first 2 Finger Paint polishes! I will be trying those out this weekend! As if that wasn't enough, when I got home my second batch of Zoya Polish exchange goodies were waiting by the door, what a nice surprise!

I also picked up the polish swatched below last night at Walgreen's. Not sure if this is a new brand or type of polish, but since I rarely go there it's new to me! I love the idea of color changing polish so I had to buy a bottle! Many moons ago, about 10 or 11 years worth of moons lol,  I went on a cruise down to the Caribbean and one of the stops was Grand Cayman Island. We went to a touristy shop right around where we got off the ship and I bought a shirt that changed colors in the sun, this polish reminds me of that! It also makes me want to go back to the island, Grand Cayman is my number 3 favorite place I've ever been, only the Columbia River Gorge near Portland Oregon and Ketchikan Alaska beat it on my list!

I picked out the color Electrick, a pale icy blue that in the sun is supposed to turn the shade of green you see in the flower on the front of the bottle! Application was not so great, you can see my issues in the pictures. It was a streaky nightmare plus whatever weirdness you can see on my middle finger and ring finger that happened while it was drying. The color never did fully turn into the green of the flower on the bottle, I stood in the sun for about 15 minutes waiting for it to be that vibrant but it never happened. I might pick up another bottle of this brand next time I am near a Walgreen's, most likely a shade that is not a metallic frosty kind of finish like this one. I believe this polish was around $7 for those wondering, and there were tons of shades to pick from...I wish I would have taken a picture of the display!

I have on 3 coats of Del Sol- Electrick and no top coat (wasn't sure if that would affect the color change or not!). First picture is indoors under a fancy new light bulb I bought at Home Depot, it says that it is supposed to be like "Daylight", I like it! I need to go back and buy another to try and eliminate shadows. One day my photos are going to look awesome, just gotta find the right combo of light & camera settings! The second picture is out in the bright sun!


  1. Pretty neat poliosh. At least the change is evident on this one :o)

  2. I love Del Sol! I did a review of their red glitter polish. So fun! And you know, I used Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat and it didn't affect the color-changing abilities one bit. As long as your top coat doesn't have any UV filters, it should be fine. :)

  3. I have two fo these that I got in the Key West "Del Sol" store when I went on my Honeymoon cruise :)! Most of their polishes have this frosty finish which kinda sucks :(. My favorite is the clear jelly that turns into a red jelly in the sun.


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