June 24, 2010

Finger Painting is Fun!

Alright first time using Finger Paints nail polish, I was so excited about this polish that took off the Del Sol I had on earlier today and did this...so you get 2 posts in one day!. This polish is AWESOME!! I'm not exactly sure why I always looked past these at Sally's but it won't happen anymore!

First up is a swatch of Finger Paints- Sketchy Character, a gorgeous chocolate brown. This was 2 coats

I decided that the brown wasn't enough and I wanted to use the other color I picked up. I was going for a french tip but I severely messed one up lol....so instead it's more of a dipped in blue kinda look haha. Also, check out the shine on these you can see me in my nails!

The tip of the nail is Finger Paints- Cerulean Seascape, a beautiful royal blue with a bit of shimmer to it. I absolutely love this color. I am going to have to do a full mani with it very soon!


  1. I pick up that brown every time I see it, but don't think it looks good with my skin. I'm really loving your "mistakingly" dipped look!

  2. I need a brown like this!

    I really like the blue and brown combo.


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