June 26, 2010

Flying Stripes

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far, I slept in until almost 10am today, it felt so good! Today I did something simple on my nails because I am lazy haha

I used China Glaze- Flying Dragon as a base and stamped over it using Finger Paints- Sketchy Character and Bundle Monster plate BM20. I don't love the way it turned out the stripes are super wonky on the middle fingernail, I seem to always have issues with the BM plates which most of the time I don't even bother posting because it looks so awful. I guess there must be a learning curve with them or something, so I need to keep on practicing!


  1. i've been having trouble with the BM plates too, which is weird because I was able to use the Konad ones with no problem on my first try. Good to know someone else finds them to be a bit wonky, and I'm not just crazy.

  2. oh good, I thought it was just me also haha. I am not the best with Konad either but I have not had nearly as many issues with those plates as I do with the BM plates.

  3. Some plates are harder to work with than others. IDK what it is but it's frustrating to me.

    Anyway I think this one turned out pretty nice. :)


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