June 29, 2010

Hoof Hands!

Has anyone else tried their products? Last time I broke a nail really bad I happened to go shopping the next day at Bed, Bath & Beyond with an expanded beauty section and came across little bottles of awesome called Hoof Hands Naturally Rapid and another called Hoof Hands Naturally Strong.I decided to buy both since I was running low on the Sally Hansen Nail Strengthener I usually use.

I wasn't sure what to expect with them since I've never heard of either product, I was pleasantly surprised! My nails have grown really fast, and they feel stronger than ever! *knock on wood*

Has anyone used this stuff before? Did you also have good results?

Not my pictures...those are from Walmart.com =) Best Blogger Tips
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  1. Might be something to check out. I am currently looking for a good nail strengthener and grower

  2. I haven't even seen them, much less used them. :) Will have to keep an eye out the next time I'm at BB&B.

  3. This product is awesome! I had acrylic nails for many years. Had them taken off once and could not stand it my nails were so damanged they would not grow because they were split and would break. I brought this Hoof product and it has been over a week and I have not broke a nail and they look fantastic. I highly reccomend this product! I bought mine at Walmart.

  4. The Hoof Hands product line is awesome. I have spent my whole adult life trying to grow my nails to a decent length using every product on the market. A couple of years ago I started using the hard as hoof nail strengthening cream on my nails twice a day. What a dramatic difference in a very short time. My cuticles became so soft I was able to push them back with a towel each time I washed my hands. No more hangnails, splits or breakage. I bought it at Walmart until they quit carrying it at my location. I went online to find more and found all the rest of the Hoof products - all I have tried are the best on the market and not overpriced, even with shipping. I live in a rural area so my shopping is mostly done online

  5. I haved used their "kick the habit" product to stop nail biting. It tastes horrible, but it is the first product in 20 years that has allowed me to grow nails (I rennovate houses, use many solvents and landscape ... without gloves so could never grow nails). I still don't use gloves but have incredible nails despite my work. I need to find the product you illustrate to see if it works as well.

  6. I found this product at my newly expanded bed bath beyond and love it so far- it gives my nails a natural but clean polished look. Ever since I stopped using Gel (about 3 years)I have very bad cuticles- like they are on steriods-and grow onto my nail and peel and hangnails etc. I tried the Butra Nail Green Tea cuticle remover and it works great. I dont have to cut them but it removed the overgrown stuff and my hands finally look like they belong to a woman! THANKS Hoof Hands and Nutra Nail!

  7. Ugh....I can't find this stuff anymore and I love it....using the Naturally Strong as little as I can till I can find some more...let me know if you find it anywhere else and I am going to check out my local Bed Bath and Beyond store...I originally found it at Walmart.

  8. Love the naturally drenched but can no longer find it!

  9. do they have an offical website

  10. I think the company that makes these still sells them they just changed the name of the items. I found some by Hoof that worked just as good just under a different name at i need beauty.com

  11. I have a bottle of hoof hands Naturally Strong if anyone wants to make me an offer...Just cleaned out my bathroom and came across it.


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