June 15, 2010

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

This was a request from reader Dovey!

Lippmann Collection- Happy Birthday looks like a bottle of pure happy, it is clear polish packed with a ton of multi sized, multi colored glitter....reminds me of confetti!  Pretty sure this is meant to be a layering polish from all the pictures I've seen online of it.

I have layered it over OPI- My Private Jet (index finger), American Apparel- Hassid (middle finger), American Apparel- Cotton (index finger) and nothing on the pinky finger. 2 VERY thick coats of Lippmann Collection- Happy Birthday on each nail. Pros- glitter..tons of it. Cons- have to pretty much place the glitter where you want it, best to wait a loooong time between coats or you will just drag all the glitter to the tip of the nail.

Overall, I like it...it's fun! I prefer it over the white, it doesnt shine to its potential over My Private Jet & Hassid...it's kinda meh on it's own  not layered over anything.


  1. Pretty! It looks like a birthday party on your nails =P. I agree that it looks best on the white, but it's pretty good on the other backgrounds as well! Thanks for the swatch Jen =)

  2. If you'd like another option for Happy birthday try it over the top of a bubble gum pink - it's soooooo cute!!!!!


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