June 3, 2010

My Moody Nubs Invite You In!

I'm very sad, I mentioned it last post but I broke off my middle finger nail :( I was laying on my bed enjoying my relaxing afternoon when all of a sudden BAM a loud bang scared the crap out of me and I hit my hand on the wall. When I got up to investigate the noise I realized my nail was all torn off and raggedy looking...some swear words were said when I saw the carnage lol. The loud bang ended up being the little boys next door hitting my house with their basketball. Anyway, there was no way to repair the damage so I had to file down my other nails and the nubs are back in action.

On to happy things, nail polish!! I have another couple of Claire's polishes for you today! First up is the 2nd of the 3 mood polishes I bought the other day. This shade is Peaceful/Confident, the change in this one was not nearly as dramatic as the previous one and there is no shimmer in it. I was surprised that any of my pictures actually showed the color change because I sure couldn't see it in person, most of the time my nails looked like a teal-green.I think on non nubby nails the color change would have been more apparent. I had some issues with application on this one, you can see it on my middle finger nail. It dried really fast which is normally a good thing, but not in this case. Also these creamy looking mood polishes dry to a satin finish kind of like a Neon so a top coat is necessary. This is 2 coats of Claire's Peaceful/Confident Mood Nail Polish and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

**just a note that this polish along with the other Mood polish I posted will be included in the giveaway I will be doing within the next few weeks  (both will be new, unused bottles)**

Onto the 2nd Claire's Nail Polish I have for you, I bought this because it looked really cool and I've never seen a layered polish like this. This swatch was done pre-nubs lol. Unfortunately I didn't really love what the polish ended up looking like once I put it on, you might be able to see in the big version of the swatch picture that some of the layered colors were streaking through the purple. First is a picture of the bottle, this color is called Ocean Breeze.

This is 2 coats of Claire's Ocean Breeze and no top coat, since I didn't love the color I kept this on for about 5 minutes, that's why its also a little messy around the edges I did no clean up either :)


  1. The mood colors are awesome! I wore mine for one night it was fine but the day I had a fever and was sick so it wasn't too fun then.

  2. I actually really like Ocean Breeze. I think it looks good.

    I need one of those mood polishes. I think I'm going to Claire's today. LOL

  3. I think my issue with the Ocean Breeze color was that in person it was really chalky looking, the picture it making it look better than it was! Hope you were able to get the mood polishes!!


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