June 6, 2010

OPI-Catch Me In Your Net

2 posts in one day! I picked up this color the other day and couldn't wait to try it out. This is OPI- Catch Me In Your Net from the OPI Summer 2010 Summer Flutter Collection. Its pretty much an exact dupe of Zoya- Charla but hey you can never have enough blue glitters with a green flash amiright?? lol

This is 2 coats of OPI-Catch Me In Your Net and 1 coat of Seche Vite. Picture was taken out in the sun so that the glitter really shines, click the picture for a close up of the sparkly goodness!

**Just wanted to let you guys know that this color stained my nails REALLY bad...I'm not sure why, I used a nail strengthener and a base coat under it and yet my nails are now stained blue (they look oxygen deprived!) Not sure if anyone else that has tried this color has experienced this as well**


  1. Zoya Charla stained my nails something awful! I tried way too much to remove it and finally gave up. Now I'm wearing 3 layers of Essie Knockout Pout but I can still see a tiny bit of blue around the edges :( DH says he can't see it and that it's only b/c I know it's there.

  2. looks like Katy Perry's hair tonight.

  3. such an eyecatching colour!love how it changes colours on sides:) too bad for the staining:(

  4. You know, I've only ever had staining problems with blue/teal nail polishes. Very odd.

    But anyways, this is really pretty :)


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