June 26, 2010

Paul & Joe- Mirage (005)

Today I have my first ever Paul & Joe Nail Polish for you, I picked this up from UrbanOutfitters.com. This color is not one I am normally drawn to but I wanted to go outside my box and try something different. The color reminds me of the beach, more specifically sand, and I love it! It's a nice neutral shade but also special because of all the shimmer! I have to also mention that the brush was awesome, a nice flat brush. Not as wide as OPI or Sally Hansen brushes but I think I actually might like it better than those brands. Extra bonus...the bottle is super cute too!

I have on 2 coats of Paul & Joe- Mirage (005) and 1 coat of Seche Vite. Please excuse the little cuts on the pinky and middle fingers, I had to file paperwork yesterday at work and it was paper cuts galore.

It looks like you can buy this polish at Urban Outfitters (online only) and Amazon.com, I found a couple other sites that had it too, but since I don't know how legit they are I wont post them =)


  1. This is gorgeous on you Jen! The shimmer makes it look different from other neutral shades and I totally agree that the bottle is so cute!

  2. I was tempted to haul on UO for those and for the Anna Sui polishes. I love this color. Looks super pretty on you.

  3. I love this and I love the bottle design!

  4. Hi, Jen!
    I just LOVED your blog with all my heart! Lol!
    I am kind of new in this nail polish world and I have done a blog recently about it, to show my collection and blablabla... I must confess that I haven't learnt how to take good pictures of my nails yet, but I found out yesterday that I should try it in the sunlight. So I am guessing it will get better!
    Anyway, I am from Brazil and I was wondering if you would exchange some nail polishes with me. What do you say about it? ;D

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  5. Thanks Girls!

    @Dionela- me too! lol I ended up only buying 1 bottle of Anna Sui's polish but I wanted them all lol

    @Raquel- Thank You! =) Sunlight is the best way I have found to take pictures, or you can get a "dayight" light bulb, if they have those in Brazil, and try that. You can email me about swapping if you would like... thepolishaholic(@)gmail(.)com


  6. Ooo...pretty color! I love the bottle design. I might need to stop by UO soon, but I'm scared of hipsters. What to do?


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