June 9, 2010

Plastix Mani Refreshed!

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are having a good day, mine has been busy and annoying haha! Fortunately I can look at my nails and they put a smile on my face because they look fun and happy!

I'm still wearing Orly-Viridian Vinyl, it has surprisingly held up very well. I sit at a desk and type and file all day so the fact that it has not chipped even once on any nail is pretty much amazing! Now that I said that I'll probably chip a nail at any moment!

I decided to spice up the mani a little, I added some dots and a shiny topcoat so you can get an idea of what the 2 colors I bought look like shiny too! For my ring finger the base is Orly- Purple Pleather and the dots are Orly- Viridian Vinyl, all the other fingers have Orly- Viridian Vinyl as a base and Orly- Purple Pleather dots (and stars on the Pinky nail, that was the original plan but it didn't work out so well lol). Covered it all with a a coat of Seche Vite.

For anyone wondering how I did the dots you have to check out this fab tutorial I saw yesterday and was inspired by. I made a template with painters tape and hole punchers, it really couldn't be any easier. You can see the video on A Day In The Life Of Dollface She has some other really great tricks and ideas in the video, honestly I can't believe I had never thought to do this!


  1. Fun!! Reminds me of dinosaur eggs (or at least the ones in cartoons...) for some reason.

  2. lol Dovey! It's funny that you say that because inside the blue tends to look more green so all the girls at work have been saying my nails look like dinosaur eggs that came outta Barney!


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