June 4, 2010

Taste The Rainbow

It is very late at night right now, 12:10am to be exact. I have been painting my nails for seriously 2 hours, clean up was a nightmare x10 due to me being a messy sponger lol. First I wanted to do a sunset look for the weekend, it turned out to resemble more of a rainbow. I cant get it to photograph as well as I'd like but thought I'd post it anyway. They are messy but fun (they look 100 times better in person, I promise)! Hopefully they last through my entire San Diego adventure!

I used a whole lotta American Apparel polish for these so I'm going to list them in order from cuticle to tip:

American Apparel Mount Royal mixed with a little American Apparel Cotton
American Apparel Dynasty
American Apparel Manila mixed with American Apparel Butter
American Apparel Poppy mixed with a tiny bit of American Apparel Cotton
American Apparel Downtown LA

All of these were sponged on which is why it looks a bit messy. I topped all my million American Apparel polishes with 2 coats of Seche Vite for extra super shine.


  1. Oh i think this looks really awesome sponged like that! :) I love American Apparel polishes!!!

  2. I like the colours you used! Makes me think of skittle candy :D


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