June 16, 2010

Urban Outfitters- Green

Over the weekend my cousin and I went on a big huge polish shopping spree (because I obviously need more, I am at almost 300 bottles!!), we went to this part of Orange County called "Little Saigon" and whoa, seriously cheap nail polish central...China Glaze for $2!! If you are from around here you gotta check it out, it's awesome. After going crazy there we went to a mall called Fashion Island in Newport Beach to check out Claire's and ended up stopping at Urban Outfitters. Usually I avoid UO like the plague, I could easily spend thousands of dollars there. They always have the most random funny useless junk and you best bet I want to buy all of it! I can't even look at their website, I go on and add all the weird things they sell to my cart and then I have to turn the computer off and walk away so I don't buy it all! All and all I did well, I only spent about $18 all together, I was impressed with myself. I got 2 nail polishes, which until that day I didn't even know they sold. I also got my Dad a funny Father's Day gift, a flip book called "Creative Cursing" lol. My Dad has got some massive road rage and likes to yell and call people names so I figure with this book he can get some ideas of funny names to call them.

Anyway...I picked up the polish you will see below and a Purple Glittery looking one. It was 2 polishes for $8, can't pass that kind of deal up! It looks like you can buy some of their shades on their website  (USA only...boo) but coincidentally they don't have either shade I bought on there. Looks like they have some Anna Sui & Pop Beauty nail polish too, I might pick up a couple of those next time I get paid!

The first of the 2 colors I tried from Urban Outfitters is Green...that is the color and the name. They aren't very creative I guess. I don't love the formula, and the cap was kind of a pain but I love the color so I can look past the negatives. The polish has a Jelly finish, which I love! I tried taking pictures in all kinds of light and the color is leaning towards teal in every single picture. In person it's a much deeper green, also no VNL like it appears in the picture. 

I took this picture this morning on my phone so forgive the crappy quality. MUCH more color accurate...funny that my stupid Blackberry takes a better picture than my actual camera lol


  1. That's gorgeous, pretty bottle too!

  2. I love Urban Outfitters nail polish! I wish I could see the real color though.


  3. I've picked up several polishes there and then end up leaving them behind. IDK why!? Anyway that color is great!

  4. I added a more color accurate picture. My cell phone seems to be able to actually capture the color moreso than my camera...go figure lol

  5. OM_G thank you,! I just got this shaped bottle of polish out of a swap with a group and the name of the brand was missing... now I know it's UO's!


  6. This is a great green. I haven't tried any UOs yet.

  7. Nooo, no enabling! Now I want to haul myself down to Orange County. No, no, and no. I do not need any more polish. No.


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