July 8, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal

Have you heard the hype yet about this polish? I sure have, supposedly it is going to be the "it" color of the Fall. I bought it online prior to seeing a lot of swatches, and then when I finally did start seeing them I was a bit disappointed. However, after getting this polish on I now understand why people are going crazy for Paradoxal. It is so much better on and in person that any swatch can do justice!

Paradoxal is a very grayed out purple and it's pretty fantastic, especially out in the sun. This is a very unique color and I don't really think I've seen something similar, but it could be a cousin to Zoya- Kelly I posted yesterday. Same kind of idea with the color except Paradoxal is a lot more purple. Since this is my first Chanel polish I wasn't sure what to expect, you best bet I had high hopes since this sucker was $23! Application was great, the brush was nice (still prefer a wide brush like OPI though)...worth $23? I am undecided. The polish was very opaque, this swatch is 1 coat of polish but I will probably wear 2 coats in the future since I noticed a couple thin spots when I got outside. You really can't see them unless you are a freak like me and are looking really closely though!

This is 1 coat of Chanel- Paradoxal and 1 coat of Seche Vite. The first picture was taken outside in the overcast yucky we've been having, the second is in natural light with flash. Hopefully the sun will come out during my lunch break, if it does I'll try to take a sun picture and update this post :)


  1. yay! i just got mine and i'm in luuurve :D this looks amazing on you!

  2. I can't wait to see your swatches Kellie! Yours are always awesome!!

  3. Looks great on you! Good point about Zoya Kelly; I'd love to see a comp if you get a chance.

  4. When you said "overcast yucky", I had to recheck your profile to see where you were. Hasn't the weather been just blah lately?! Doesn't look like there'll be any sun for a while though.

  5. Not gonna lie, I like the cool weather. But I'm starting to get over the overcast part. It lasts literally all day, probably doesn't help that I live close to the beach. The last week the sun hasn't come out until around 4pm. :(

    Wish we could just have a happy medium between this and normal So Cal summer weather!

  6. All the swatches i've seen of this look different! A very intriguing polish.

  7. I think that's because it's so hard to capture...it looks different in every light

  8. OMG! You've got a Chanel!!! :D


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