July 17, 2010

China Glaze In The Lime Light and Kiwi Cool-Ada comparison!

Hi everyone, another post for you today! A reader requested this back when I posted swatches of China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada and I didn't have China Glaze- In The Lime Light at the time. I was at Sally's the other day and saw ITLL so I picked it up. I wish I could remember which of you requested this, but since blogger ate all of my old comments I can't go look :(

Bonus kitty picture at the end of this post, Oreo was being quite the model today haha!

First up, picture of the bottles next to each other, Kiwi Cool-Ada is on the left, In The Lime Light is on the right.  It was apparent to me the moment I put these next to each other that they aren't really very similar at all except for both being a green neon. ITLL has a blue shimmer and is a cooler toned color where as KCA is a straight up in your face neon creme with a bit more yellow to it.

On the nail ITLL looks a lot lighter in neon terms and the shimmer is noticeable, both polishes are great and applied well however ITLL is a little more sheer than KCA. I really love both so I'm glad I finally picked up ITLL. The first picture is in the bright sun, the second is in the shade. I used a white base of American Apparel- Cotton under both polishes and have on 3 coats of KCA and ITLL. I labeled the pictures as to what finger is which polish :) The bottle I am holding is ITLL.

Oreo says hello, this is where he likes to sit to torture the dog. Degen is afraid to jump over that little fence and Oreo knows it lol


  1. I am so glad that you did this. I have been wondering for long time how these too compare or if they even did. Because I have ITLL and it is my favorite color. I didn't want to get Kiwi Cool ada if they were very close in color. Now I know that I have to add Kiwi Cool ada to my wishlist. I am loving neon greens right now. Thanks again :)

  2. Great comparison! I love them both also :)

  3. Great comparison! I have ITLL and wondered how similar they were.


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