July 19, 2010

Claire's Excited/Bored Mood Polish

I went into Claire's yesterday afternoon to go swap shopping, and they had a few new mood polishes out. Since I am such a fan girl of their mood polish I bought them all, so much for not buying for my own stash? This is the first of the new shades that I got. I sincerely hope that Claire's keeps putting out new combinations of these mood polishes, I love them!

Excited/Bored is a really pretty peachy pink & coral pink combo. Excited is the coral pink and comes out to play on the cooler part of the nail while Bored is the peachy pink and shows up when your nail or nail bed is warm. Like the other mood polishes it dries with a satin matte finish so a top coat is necessary! I have on 2 coats of Claire's Mood Polish in Excited/Bored and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri.

First up, how it looks the majority of the time on me:

I had to dunk my fingers into water for these next ones if you are wondering why my fingers look wet lol. The first picture is after dunking in cool water, the second is with warm water!


  1. I've been wanting some of these for ages! I actually had a dream I went looking for them last night -_- I think the UK is missing out on them though :(

  2. I love their moodies! This one looks nice on you :)

  3. This looks gorgeous!!! wow

    So lovely on you :)

  4. Wow I wish the mood polishes looked on my nails the way they do for you in the first pic! Awesome :D

  5. Awesome!! I want some mood nail polish so bad!
    How much was these?

  6. Claire's sells their Mood Polish for $5 a bottle, but they seem to always have a buy 1 get one 50% off sale!

  7. Have you tried any of their other polishes? I saw some really cool neon colours but I don't know if they are any good...

  8. I love these! This one is my favourite out of all of them! :)

  9. that... looks... so... COOL! i want them!

  10. these are like toxic are theyx

  11. @leah

    I can't say for sure if Claire's polishes are big 3 free, but they don't smell bad like the polishes I have that do have the chemicals in them. Sorry I'm not more helpful



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