July 31, 2010

Gosh Holographic!

Happy weekend! I went polish shopping this morning, found a few discontinued China Glaze polishes. I usually have really terrible luck with finding good stuff (I'm looking at you holo version of My Private Jet) but I lucked out today! I got China Glaze- Orchid Shadow, First Light & Vampy! Can't wait to try them out!

Today I am wearing Gosh Holographic, a MAJOR lemming of mine. I recently got it in a swap with Rebekah over at For The Love Of Nails! Check our her blog if you haven't before! I was SO excited for this polish, I have been wanting a holo like this since the first time I ever saw a picture of one. It's like a rainbow of awesomeness melted onto my nails, I can't stop staring at them! Application was a little tricky, I found out fast going over a spot twice while the polish was still wet was a bad idea!

This is 2 coat of Gosh- Holographic, no topcoat (it looked funny when I put a topcoat on the other hand)


  1. It's such a gorgeous polish, even though it can be tricky to play with! It's worth it though. Looks great on you! I noticed that about the top coat also.

  2. Thanks! :) It was really weird what the top coat did, it really mellowed the holo out. Glad it wasn't just me that had that problem!

  3. I cannot wait to get my hands on this color!!!!!!

  4. Golly that is pretty. We need GOSH here in the states, darn it!

  5. i'm loving it!!is so pretty!!=)

  6. I love holos!
    Holo polish and top coat usually don't go together so well, but if you find it chips fast, you can sandwich it with some TC in between :)

  7. thanks everyone, it really is gorgeous. I thin my new favorite polish!

    Ice Queen- I could not agree more, maybe one day it will come over here like Essence is starting to do!

    Shiny!- That is a great tip! Next time I wear this I'll try that out!!

  8. It's still amazing no matter how many times I see this polish! Looks fab on you hun!


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