July 28, 2010

Neon French Mani Skittles

Good morning! Feeling much better today, just in time for the Neon Trees concert I am going to tonight YAY! At first I was going to do full neon skittles, but I decided to tone it down a little bit and just do neon skittle tips for the show! I also did a big chop on the nails, before was the longest they have pretty much ever been! I could hardly function anymore lol

I used 1 coat of OPI- Black Onyx as a base. For the tips I used colors from the China Glaze- Poolside collection, Thumb- Towel Boy Tow, Index- Pool Party, Middle- Sun Worshiper, Ring- Kiwi Cool-Ada, Pinky- Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Covered it all with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta Dri. Just for the record, I don't recommend layering a neon over black. It took a freaking ton of coats to be happy with how the neon looked lol


  1. very very striking!! :) the tips must be looking v thick eh? :/ enjoy urselfff!! :D

  2. they actually aren't too think, except on the yellow and orange tips! Those ones I really had to build up!

  3. Oh! I really love this one! It has the excitment of skittles, but not overdone =)

  4. LOVE the splash of colour! A fun alternative to the traditional French-tip!

    Check out my blog @ xbeautyinlife.blogspot.com

    Liz LUXE

  5. wow, i have never seen nails like this! two thumbs up for creativeness!!

  6. hehe I'm loving this.. reminds me of something i can't put my finger on..(oh.. lame.. i just accidentally used a pun) haha.. anyway.. i love it..

  7. hi,
    don't know if you are reading this, because the original post was back in july 2010, but I just saw the neon french tips skittle mani and thought, maybe you could use some white to make the neon pop more and for not needing to do so many coats.

    Like, you first paint your nails white (opi alpine snow for example), then tape the tips off, then paint the rest black, then take the tape off and paint the white tip with neon colors.

    or tape the tip of your natural nail off, paint the rest black, remove the tape and paint the natural tip first white, then neon ...

    anyhow, the neon with the black looks awesome!

  8. I know this is an old post but it is so cute and different! I wouldn't have thought to put black as the base...I know it took you a lot of time but it looks like that time paid off!


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