July 21, 2010

Nubar Peacock Feathers!!

Good Morning! Today is the day everyone, my pre-order of Deborah Lippmann's newest shades Bad Romance and Across The Universe are supposed to be delivered today. I am so excited, I actually considered calling out sick so I could put on Across The Universe the second it got here. I decided that was probably not a good idea, so here I am counting down the hours until I can go home to play with my new pretties.

Today I have on Nubar- Peacock Feathers. This has been on my lemming list since the first time I ever made one. It's also the first Nubar I own thanks to a swap over at MUA! I love pretty much everything about this polish, it is a blue/purple/green duochrome *swoon*. I also wanted to mention that the handle is awesome...some polishes have tricky handles to deal with and this one fit really nicely in the hand, I appreciate little things like that. My only complaint, this sucker was impossible to get good pictures of. I promise it is better in person! This makes me want more Nubar polishes....I need to find an actual store that sells them so I don't have to buy online!

This is 2 coats of Nubar- Peacock Feather and 1 coat of CND Speedy.


With Flash


  1. I love Nubar and am looking forward to owning this soon. I'm holding out for Nubar to have another 20% off sale and I'm hoping its coming after their Venetian Glass release *crosses fingers* Its a fabulous polish on you. :)

  2. It looks very pretty on you! This has been standing in my untrieds box forever so I really need to pick it out of there once.

  3. It is a very pretty polish indeed.
    I know what you mean, it is quite hard to photograph as a photo cannot capture its full glory.

  4. Oh I like Peacock Feathers... had a lot of trouble catching it in the photos though.. it did come up blue like yours, but the colour is so different to the naked eye ! Thanks for this post, I love Nubar

  5. Hmmm, I should really get this out of my untrieds, it looks amazing on you!

  6. I'm itching to purchase more Nubars for my collection and this looks like a must have, all the swatches out there just look divine! Looks fantastic on you Jen =)

  7. Does anyone know where I can buy a bottle of Peacock Feathers? Appreciate the help!!

  8. @linda9861

    It's been discontinued so I'm not sure were you can buy it now :(


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