July 14, 2010

One of my huge lemmings, swatched!

Last night I set out to franken, I wanted to make a forest green with a blue and purple flash. I think it might possibly be the hugest franken fail I've done yet lol. I might keep messing with it to see if I can ever achieve what it looks like it my head, not like I can make it any worse after all! After my giant fail I need a nail pick me up so out came more swap goodies!

This Catrice polish was one that I had wanted since the first time I saw a swatch of it. Inge from Polishsis sent it to me, without me even asking for it specifically! How is that for good luck! It was great as I imagined! The formula was great and I had full opacity in 2 easy coats! Such a gorgeous color, I'm gonna have to go through my stash and see if I have anything similar. This color is right up my alley so I'm sure I have something a close to it!

This is 2 coats of Catrice- From Dusk To Dawn and 1 coat of Seche Vite. Had a little run in with the door knob on my ring finger but it's not really noticeable except in this picture (of course!)


  1. Love it! But with a name like "From Dusk Till Dawn" I imagined something that would remind me of Selma Hayak's Snake Dance. ;-)

  2. That looks great! I'll be interested to see any comps you do; the color does look familiar to me.

  3. Wow, I might get this one for myself also! I have so much untrieds and swap-polishes to swatch that I don't buy Catrice for myself...I just might do that this week...

  4. It's a great color, I also love to stamp on it :)

  5. I'm seeing this color and colors similar to it pop up on the beauty blogs. This must be the "it" color of the season.

  6. i have this shade too but it's still untouched, shame on me! :-))


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