July 26, 2010

Revlon Minted

Hope everyone is having a good day! Me, not so much :( I'm home sick from work. My day has been pretty much sucktastic. Woke up around 4am with really bad stomach pain, ate a little and drank some water and it went away enough to get a little more sleep. Woke up again a couple hours later and the same thing. I keep doing this cycle every couple of hours. And I have a monster headache on top of it. Ugh x10.

Anyway...I had been hunting for this polish for a while and came across it at the same time as I found Buffy from yesterday. This is the very first Revlon polish I have ever owned, they are one of those brands that I don't buy because I associate them with old ladies....in my brain Estee Lauder is in that category too! I saw swatches of this and decided I needed it! Unfortunately I am disappointed. Not by the color but by the formula....saying it is awful would be nice. Streaky, watery, thin etc. I was shocked that it was okay looking in 2 coats! Not only were there issues with the formula when I was putting it on but this sucker bubbled like nothing I've ever experienced. It was so bad that I had to take it off after a couple hours and re-do my entire mani. Apparently this polish and Sally Hansen Insta Dri don't get along, at least not on me. Not sure if I will buy Revlon again, they didn't make a great first impression! On a positive note, it really is a great mint green!

This is 2 coats of Revlon Minted and 1 coat of CND Speedy.


  1. This colour is gorgeous! I've been looking for something like this for a while now. Too bad this didn't like this one.

  2. Thanks for this, I'd been pondering buying it for ages but always walk away - good thing, apparently!

  3. I've found that most Sally Hansen top/base coats bubble with other brands of polishes, I'm not sure why though.

    I have this colour also but have yet to try it out.

  4. Too bad the formula sucks, I really like the colour. I see this one every time I walk into Walgreens and I've always passed on it. I've never been a Revlon fan.

  5. Haha that's hilarious - I associate Revlon with old ladies too! I think it's the packaging.
    I saw this same polish today and almost bought it, since the colour is really pretty. Too bad the formula isn't too great though.:(

  6. I had the same problem with the formula, I let it sit out for TWO WHOLE days with the lid off, that seemed to do the trick, I'm sure I'll suffer the consequences some day with lung cancer or something...=/

  7. Aggie- I never thought about doing that. I might try it, if it doesnt work no great loss!

    Danielle- It bubbled a little with the CND also, but you can't see it in the pictures. Revlon just must be one of those fussy polish brands that doesn't play nice with others lol

  8. the formula is pretty streaky ... but i've found that if you use the zoya colourlock system base- and topcoats, revlon polishes last a solid 6 - 7 days!

  9. I own this colour as well, and I found the bubbling to be way too annoying to even wear. Definitely a cute colour but a waste of money.


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