July 9, 2010

Small Sinful Colors Haul

Hi everyone! I picked up a few Sinful Colors polishes during the 99 cent sale Walgreens was having, below are swatches of them! I've actually been meaning to post these all week but then I kept getting nail mail that I was so excited about I posted them first lol. I got more nail mail last night, woohoo! I ordered 6 polishes from Barielle, sadly the one I was most looking forward to, Falling Star, had an accident in shipment. RIP Falling Star. But Barielle I'm happy to say has awesome customer service and they are already sending me out a new bottle! Can't wait to try it out! Now on to the swatches!

Mint Apple, a dusty mint green with a beautiful hidden shimmer. I didn't notice the shimmer in this until I decided to swatch it, what a nice surprise! I am loving this color, it's my favorite out of the 3 I bought! This is 2 coats of Sinful Colors- Mint Apple and 1 coat of CND Speedy

All Mighty,  a nice almost aqua blue with a bit of shimmer. I thought this was going to be darker but I really like how it turned out. My only complaint is the finish shows brush strokes, though you cant really see that in the picture. This is 2 coats of Sinful Colors- All Mighty and 1 coat of CND Speedy

I Love You, what a weird name for a polish...but it's pretty. This polish is a violet base packed with glitter that has a pink hue to it in some lights. It's like the glitter packed friend of Claire's Magic! I really thought I was not going to like this once I started to put it on, the first two coats were not good. The third coat reminded me why I bought it! The color totally transformed into what it looks like in the bottle! I have on 3 coats of Sinful Colors- I Love You and 1 coat of CND Speedy.


  1. I love that 1st Green color and I love Sinful colors I have to pick that up... and that Blue.

  2. I love Sinful hauls...lol I have I Love You and I agree, all of SC names are rather *ahem* unusual, but I really like their lacquer and I love frankening with them. :)

  3. Wow, how did I miss "I Love You" when I was buying Sinful Color's two weeks ago? Awesome swatches as usual, thanks again! :D


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