August 13, 2010

Another Day, Another Holo

HAPPY FRIDAY!! My favorite day of the work week! Last night was fun, I went out to dinner with a couple of the girls from work to a new restaurant I've never been to called True Foods Kitchen. For the first time ever I tried Hummus lol. I'm pretty much the most picky eater ever so it's very rare that I try new food. I didn't love it but it wasn't horrible! I had a yummy pizza with Fontina cheese (yum) and Chicken, it was pretty darn good. I'll probably go to that restaurant again!

Today I have for you Color Club- Fashion Addict. This sat untried for a couple of months, I don't think I realized this was a holo when I bought it. It was one of those polishes that I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond and was like meh that's pretty $3 SOLD lol. I saw a swatch of this a couple weeks ago on another blog and immediately pulled it out to wear soon. When I finally put it on, it was a stunner! The base color is a light lavender and the holo is really great! Application was great, much like every other Color Club polish I've used! I actually ended up wearing this for about 3 days and it held up surprisingly well!

This is 2 coats of Color Club Fashion Addict and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri


  1. I havent ever seen this before. It's gorgeous.

  2. YUMMY!!! I've become addicted to holos now... didn't care for them before I actually tried one. Now I'm addict. Gimmeee!

  3. i looove this one! it's ga ga gorgeous!

  4. im getting mine tomorrow!! but it costs me 12 sgd from TD due to high shipping :( but HOLO, so YAY!

  5. It's pretty and I love the shade. Every time I hear that you can find color club at bed bath & beyond I keep kicking myself. I never knew that until after I left for Switzerland. Guess I will wait till January.

  6. love it, gorgeous!!.. ebay time LOL your creating more lemmings by the minute!!

  7. YAY for HOLOS! we are in sync this week. I have a mini of this (funky fingers) but have never used it! Bad Jessika!

  8. I adore this color. I need to just pick it up already. I always see it, pick it up and put in back. In the bottle it's so so but on the nails, magic!

  9. Thanks guys, it's great huh?!?

    @Jess, I noticed that too! Great minds polish alike LOL
    @Gina, I totally agree, it's so so in the bottle but totally gorgeous on. A total diamond in the rough!
    @Rebekah, aww! Next time we swap I'll get this one for you if you don't already have it!


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