August 21, 2010

China Glaze- 2Nite

Hi guys! So I have to start off this post by telling you about the weird dream I had last night. Usually I don't remember them but this one was so weird that it stuck with me. So here we go, I met up with a friend at a bar, no idea who this girl was but somehow I knew she was my friend. Benji Madden from Good Charlotte was there and I was friends with him, we said hi and chatted before I sat down with my friend. All of a sudden Eric and Godric from True Blood were there and I knew them too (woohoo)!! However, they weren't vampires anymore, they were something else. Some drama went down and some dude came over and hassled my friend and I so we left and the dude followed us. Then out came Eric and Godric and a whole freaking army of their friends. And guess what they were...ANGELS like with huge wings that sprung outta their backs. What the heck! Then a giant angel smackdown happened on the dude that was hassling us and I woke up. Not gonna lie I was hoping for some kind of action with Eric in this dream but of course I woke up before that could occur, boo. Anyway it was seriously weird, like what is that dream supposed to mean? If anyone wants to decode it and let me know that would be great lol.

On to the nail polish which is not nearly as exciting as my dreams, China Glaze- 2Nite from the OMG collection. This is not a great picture, I was losing the sun when I was attempting to take pictures....but I'm sure you've seen it a bazillion times already. 2Nite is a blue holo, and it's my favorite kind of holo, not like the sparse holo's that are out there.  No problems with the formula or the application on this polish, though I made sure to let the base coat and 1st coat of polish dry fully before adding another coat. Also, no topcoat!

This is 2 coats of China Glaze- 2Nite.  Lets just focus on the middle finger which is what the polish usually looks like out in the sun!


  1. This is one of my favorite China Glaze polishes. It's seriously gorgeous on you. :)

    Also, jealous you had an Eric dream. Action or no action, it sure beats what I dreamed about last night.

  2. Holographic goodness <3
    What an odd dream, though I know none of the people in there.
    But yay for Eric. [I just like that name]

  3. Holos is one of my favorite types of polish. China Glaze shoudl re-release the Holographic ones they did before this and then later on, re-release this. These are selling out fast already on online'd think they'd want to sell more of these......

  4. @ Kittypolishnbags:

    OMG, I so totally agree!
    ..And they should sell China Glaze in Ireland as well...

  5. I fully agree, I really hope they either re-release the ones they already did.....or make new ones!

  6. I love this color so much! They should release more of them!


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