August 19, 2010

China Glaze- Channelesque

Morning everyone. Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday, it's been a rough couple of days and I wasn't home much. Then when I was home the stupid internet wouldn't work! I don't really feel like going into detail about what's going on since it will just make me upset but I have a very sick family member in the hospital :(

Since my last 2 days have sucked so bad I decided to try and cheer myself up with nail polish, it helped a little. This was a long time lemming of mine, China Glaze Channelesque! Not sure why in the world China Glaze discontinued this color, I love it! I'm sure you've all seen in a million times so hopefully you don't mind seeing it one more time!

This is 2 coats of China Glaze- Channelesque and 1 coat of Poshe.

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  1. hope you're feeling better! this color looks great on you so that should make you feel good <3

  2. Sorry things haven't been going well with you. Painting my nails does cheer me up too :) I missed out on Channelesque but can't wait for Below Deck, as China Glaze confirmed that they tried to get it as close to Channelesque as they could

  3. what a pretty nail shade!!

    Fab blog, definitely be back :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xxx

  4. Thanks girls! Halifax, thanks for that info! I remember them mentioning it around Cosmoprof but I didn't realize it had been confirmed, that is great!

  5. this is adorable...i want this color! why is it dis continued!! !! well, hope you fam will be ok! i do not like hospitals

  6. sorry you are having a bad week. if it helps, i had a panic attack at work and cried infront of my whole team!

  7. I love this color so much, I can't wait to get Below Deck and do a comparison. It looks great on you!
    I hope today is better for you - you've been having a rough couple of days! *hugs*

  8. Thanks Pretty! I don't like hospitals either, but this one has really good food, surprisingly. At least that's a positive thing lol

    oh man Jess, that sucks. I feel your pain, I've cried in front of a couple co-workers it was embarrassing!

    Thanks Nikki! Your wonderful nail mail has put me back in a great mood today!

  9. WOW!!! I love this Color OMG!!!

  10. China Glaze should bring it back, I love it!

  11. this is great! i don't have any polishes that are this shade or taupey, i think i will have to buy some! btw, thanks for entering my giveaway, i just wanted to let you know that Dexter is my fave show as well (well one of them!)


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