August 28, 2010

China Glaze Mood Polish!

What a find this polish was, my cousin and I went into a random beauty supply a couple of weeks ago and found bins full of Dare2Wear mood polish also lurking in those bins were China Glaze Mood Polishes!! I seriously about died, I think I might have even done a happy dance and jumped up and down with excitement, I'm sure Michelle can verify this. Naturally I bought way too much, the price was pretty unbelievable (in a really awesomely great kinda way) and I couldn't help it! Between my cousin and I, we cleared them out of the old China Glaze.  Unfortunately these don't seem to  change colors anymore, at least this one didn't. Maybe mood polish expires? I have no idea, but do I care if this changes? Not really! I'm just stoked to own this! This doesn't have a name on it, none of them did, so we get to name this one too. Please suggest some bad ass names!!

Unknown moodie is kind of a pinkish goldish orangeish redish color, is that enough ish-es for ya? It does have a bit of a duochrome quality to it that you can see a little of in the picture. The formula was thin, I thought it would probably be thick since it was old...but nope! I love the cute bottles these are in too, wish China Glaze still did that!

This is 4 coats of the unnamed China Glaze Mood Polish and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri.

Please let me know in the comments if you want to see more of these, I always worry about posting hard to find polish like this.


  1. I think you should name it "Under the Sunset"

  2. You did do a happy dance, lol. I wore one of these last week. I had to put one finger in ice water and the other under hot water to see a difference and even then it was slight.

  3. I say post on! HTF or not, it is polish and fun to see.

    Besides, this is your blog, so you can do whatever you want. :D

  4. I wanna see more, pretty please? With cherry on top? ;)

  5. Post them! Definitely. I love seeing HTFs!
    This is really pretty! I wonder too if the change wears out over time, mine definitely did absolutely nothing no matter what I did.


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