August 7, 2010

H&M Bella's Choice

Morning everyone! Yesterday I went and bought another Helmer!! I'm excited to organize and decorate it, I'm also going to tackle making a new spreadsheet of what I have. I made one a while ago but I was too lazy to update it, what a mistake. I think it's going to take hours to get the new spreadsheet done....yikes!

Today I have for you H&M- Bella's Choice! I got this is a swap with Solveig of Nailin' It. I've seen on the Nail Board at MUA that some people here in the states have found their at their H&M, I don't shop there ever but the few times I've gone in looking for polish they never have any! Bella's choice is a kind of robin's egg blue, it's very bright!

This is 2 coats of H&M- Bella's Choice and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri


  1. I need this color! My h&m needs nail polish!

  2. I have this color and it doesn't look nearly as beautiful on me as it does on you. Its a great formula too. Makes me sad but I'm glad others, like you, wear it so awesome!

  3. I need this color as well!!!!!!! looks so lovely on you!

  4. thanks ladies! I was surprised how much I liked this color on me, sometimes bright blues and my skin tone don't get along but this one is really nice!

  5. that one looks really nice on you :)

  6. Is this only available at the h&m store? Is it available online? I love it sooooo much!!

  7. I really have no idea, I received this in a swap. Wish I could be more helpful!


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