August 16, 2010

Misa Heartbreak

Morning guys, Monday ugh. Actually I take that ugh back. One of my co-workers just came over and gave me a really cool gift. Something only a Gwen Stefani freak like me could appreciate, I love my co-workers!Other than that nothing exciting has happened in the hour and a half I've been awake today.

On to polish! This is Misa Heartbreak, I found it at a random store a couple months back. The only place I've ever actually seen Misa in person. They had a really old collection, I can't remember the name of it unfortunately. This color caught my eye, in the stores crappy lighting I thought it was just a regular brownish grey. When I got home it sat in my un-tried. Well yesterday, I was not having a good day and decided to pull something random out to put on. I put it on and wowsa hello secret beautifulness lol. It reminds me of Paradoxal, it's kinda boring in the shade or indoors but out in the sun it's a stunner. Heartbreak is a light grey with a magenta red shimmer out on the sun! I'm not sure if you can get this anywhere, I only found it on and it said discontinued :(

This is 2 coats of Misa- Heartbreak and 1 coat Poshe



  1. This is a great color. I love the subtlety of it.

  2. that's why I like it too, it's very work appropriate and then you get outside in the sun and it comes to life!

  3. *drools* love it! just added to my WL. What did you get? Gwen Stefani freak here too.

  4. My co-workers s/o worked on Gwen's HP Commercial in 2007 and she gave me the whole production notebook with storyboard images, and script, schedule, location photos, props etc. I totally geeked out over it, I love random memorabilia like that!

  5. LOL yep it was b-a-n-a-n-a-s hahaha

  6. Oh this is so pretty!! I really want to try some Misa's myself but alas they're hard to find down under =(

  7. aw 'chelle that's crappy I'm sorry :( They are hard to come by here too unless you order online but I really hate doing that. I've only found these really old ones in 1 of the many beauty supplies I've gone to. It's weird that Misa makes their polish so hard to find!

  8. this color is beautiful, looks great on you.

  9. i LOVE this colour, one of my favourites!!!!!!


  10. That color is crazy, it caught my eye for sure... I love the Genie In This Bottle one too!


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