August 11, 2010

Nubar Reclaim

Hey All!! So yesterday after work I took the wiener dog to the vet (again) this time he only cost me $120 which is SO much better than the last 3 times I've taken him. Poor guy is still all itchy face yeasty ears, I had no idea dogs could get yeast infections in their ears until about a month ago...I guess its from moisture getting stuck in there or something and since he's got floppy ears he's more prone to it. Sucky, my wallet does not approve of this!!

Today I have on Nubar- Reclaim, I wanted this polish from the first swatch I saw of it. I have turned into such a holo fangirl, I cannot get enough of them! I think this could possibly be my favorite one yet, green + holo is pretty much the best thing ever! I can't complain about anything with this, I had no issues with the formula or application. It was much easier to work with than the Gosh Holographic and putting a top coat over this one didn't do anything funky to the polish! I fully intended to used the Nubar Foundation & Diamont Top Coat I bought but about 2 minutes after doing my mani I realized I had totally forgotten to do that...since I didn't have any issues I don't think it makes such a difference. Sometimes it does with brands, like Nfu-oh (or so I have heard since I don't own any of their amazing holo's or flakies).

This is 2 coats of Nubar- Reclaim and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri. 


  1. LOVE this one! :-) I have it on the way to me. I got it during the sale, but I've wanted it ever since I first saw it too. It looks great on you! :-)

  2. OMG love this one! I love this green holo because most of them are light green.

  3. Lovely! Hope your lil dog gets better soon :)

    How is that I was lemming this since day one, now that I've had it for a good month or 2 now I still haven't wore it?!?!

  4. I hope your dog feels better soon! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color, so nice! I want to get my hands on it one day soon :)

  5. thanks for the good doggy wishes guys! He'll be okay once everything gets under control. I secretly think he doesn't mind because he gets to go to the vet and all the girls there love him so he gets mass amount of butt scratches and cookies lol

    Jess- I always do that too lol! I spend hours hunting down polishes and then when I finally get them they sit un tried for weeks or months!

    I'm glad you all love this color as much as I do! It's pretty fantastic!

  6. This is gorgeous and going on my lemming list! I have to have it!

  7. ohh.. i've been wanting this for so lung... waaaaaaaa... these is really fabulous....

  8. i HATED taking this polish off...because i wanted to keep it on FOREVER!!! it's SO gorgeous! i was talking on twitter to ange & niki and we decided nubar need to do more reclaims..but gemstone shades and in blues!! imagine how GORGEOUS IT WOULD BE!?


  9. that would be incredible! I wouldn't even think twice about buying those!

  10. I adore this colour! It's getting added to my b-day list for sure!


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