August 9, 2010

Orly Cosmix Fx Space Cadet

Good news, I am in a much better mood now thanks to my order from Nubar's sale on Friday getting here today...I guess them being in LA and me being in Orange County equals lightening fast delivery which in turn equals HAPPY JEN! I'm excited to try them all out since before today I only had 1 Nubar. I bought the whole Prisms Collection due to holo goodness, Reclaim, Wildlife, Chocolate Caramel and Pink Flame (also Foundation Base Coat and Diamont Top Coat but those aren't exciting!). I had about 5 more polishes in my basket but I had to edit because my wallet was not happy. 

I am so excited to post this today, I was going to post it tomorrow but I just can't contain myself lol! I have been dying to get my hands on the Orly Cosmix Fx collection since the very first promo picture. I went to Ulta yesterday and they had put them out so I picked up my two must have's Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl, I put on Space Cadet and holy cow. So freaking pretty, I can't stop staring at my nails! I don't even know how to describe this, its a pink/green/gold duochrome (multi- chrome?) plus a ton of shimmery goodness. It's hard to describe, and also hard to capture since the polish looks so different depending on the angle. The formula was good, which is expected from Orly. A little on the thin side though so I used 3 coats for full opacity. I had a little tip wear which you can see in the photos, these were taken after roughly a day of wear.

 First up, bottle picture and my thumb...I think this shows off the duochrome the best out of any of my pictures. Plus bonus kitty butt in the background so how could I not post it lol

Direct sunlight, it almost looks like a foil in this picture!

finally, a weird kinda crappy picture but I like how greenish gold it looks at this angle

This polish retails for $10, it hurt to fork over that much cash for it but at least it's as awesome as I imagined, that makes it burn a little less. You can buy this collection for a bit cheaper on etailers like transdesign where they are selling it for $5 a bottle (it is sold out right now, but I'm sure they'll restock soon!) But I was too impatient for them to restock and since I only plan on buying 2 from the collection it was just easier and cheaper in the long run to buy it at Ulta. I'd imagine if you're willing to wait a few weeks these will be a couple bucks cheaper at Sallys.


  1. Gorgeous! I like that it looks so different in all the angles. This is such a unique color!

  2. definitely unique, I tried to find polishes in my stash to compare it to but I have nothing even close!

  3. I... I just....

    *stares at the pictures, lost in thought...*

    There are no words, are there?

  4. Wow, incredible! For some reason it reminds me of dinosaurs...? I wish they made eyeliners like this!

  5. So gosh darn pretty! Love Orly!

  6. I so want this one, but I am trying to hold out until TD restocks.

  7. Beauty's Bad Habit- I kept comparing it to lizards yesterday! Its funny that you said that about dinosaurs. I think because of the colors it definitely reminds me of reptiles!

    Karen- I hope you can hold out! I tried, but I have no self control and couldn't contain myself when I saw them out at Ulta.

  8. You did a great job capturing the duochrome effect! It is stunning, and I love the space theme! :-)

    I haven't seen it locally yet, so I may end-up ordering online.

  9. i'm trying to be discerning with this collection, this is the only one i truly want! it's beautiful!!


  10. It was my major must have also, it seems like the only really original one from the whole collection!

  11. I want, I want, I want!! Great pics.

  12. I really wanted Space Cadet when I ordered the others from Trans Design for $5 each. Looks like they restocked now, but it's at $10 each! :( I like this colour so much that I'd be willing to shell out $10 for it, but still...I feel ripped off like the $5 was such a tease.


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