August 23, 2010

Petites- Black Diamond

I decided to pull this out of my stash yesterday, I've had it for a while and worn it a couple times but that was before the blog! Petites is one of those drugstore brands that I usually just walk by when I'm at Rite Aid, seems like they don't a whole ton of love on blogs either. Not sure why, maybe all the polishes aren't as fantastical as this one. Black Diamond is a greyish black base packed with holo glitter! Awesome! Application was good, the brush on these polishes is a little thin and short so that's the only challenge I have but it's not impossible to work with!

This is what I was wishing for the Nubar Prisims collection to look like, had those looked like this I would have died with excitement!

This is 2 coats of Petites Black Diamond.


  1. Omg, this polish is GORGEOUS! I wish we had a few brands selling funkier polishes in the UK :/

  2. I really like some of their cremes, too: Vintage Grey and Periwinkle and Creme Blue (or is it Blue Creme? I forget). The somewhat stubby bottle and handle are a bit of a drawback for me with these.

  3. i like petites too, but only the color fever. like KarenD, my other favs are periwinkle and vintage grey


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