August 24, 2010

What do you do when your version of My Private Jet sucks?

You franken the s**t out of it until it looks good. At least that's what I do! There are I think 4 different versions of My Private Jet by OPI out there, the original was packed full of holo goodness and the rest not so much. Lucky me picked up probably the most crappy version out of all 4, a brownish base with silver ugliness in it and no holo to be found. I got bored over the weekend and decided to play around with mine until it had some kind of holo I could be happy with, this is the result!

I used OPI- My Private Jet then mixed in China Glaze- Wireless Holographic Top Coat, Gosh- Holographic and Petites- Black until I was happy with how it looked. My camera sometimes doesn't like to pick up subtle holo so these don't look as fantastical as the polish does in real life.

This is 2 coats, the pictures are much better if you click on them! No idea what to name this baby though hmm....

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  1. Looks awesome! My version of MPJ sucks too--looks like I need to experiment.

  2. I love it! How about "My Perked-Up Jet?" Or maybe the obvious... "My FrankenJet." :D

    That brings to mind a weird combination of the old Bugs Bunny-era plane cartoons mixed up with Young Frankenstein. WEIRD mental images there...

  3. Ooh, or even "Young FrankenJet!" I'm making myself giggle like mad!

  4. lol Laynie! I love Yong FrankenJet

  5. I like it more than MPJ!
    It looks almost like a holo version of YDKJ!

    My Private Jack?

    Just kidding! lol!

    ahem! :D

  6. Ahaha! Love it! Looks way better than my version of MPJ too, which BTW is not the holo :(

  7. My Public Jet, of course =P

    so pretty!

  8. I love all the names you guys are coming up with! I went from having no clue what to name this to having a whole list of awesome names!

  9. I have, at this second, 6 different versions of MPJ. I think you should name it coach seat cause it may not be a private jet, but it still gets you where you wanna be!

  10. 6! wow, OPI failed so hard on My Private Jet lol

  11. Oh wow, this color is really nice! I love the pic where the sun hits the nail polish.

  12. Love what you did with it. I was actually wondering whether or not to bid on some ebay I know what to do if it turns out to be a crappy one ^_^ So thanks!!
    What about "My Private Space Rocket?!" cause it sure looks like MPJ on steroids :)

  13. It's tricky buying off ebay (or so I've heard) a lot of people are dishonest or mis-represent the version they have. Hopefully you can find the good version, or at least franken it to something you like!

  14. You could call this Dr. Frankens Jet

  15. Yep, I got a version of MPJ that wasn't the holo, too (this was before I realized there were several different versions of it, lol)..just recently got back into the nail polish thing so am doing a lot of catch-up. I took the MPJ I have and mixed it up with some Sally Hansen Diamond #01 (not the LE one in the short squat bottle but the other one in the taller bottle with the finer grained, oilier holo)..I decided to call it My Private Junket, lol

  16. Hi! I just saw this post and I have to agree with you - I got the worst version of MPJ too. I was hoping for some charcoal-y goodness, but ended up with muddy brown. Maybe it will look better with "I Juggle...Men" that's coming out from OPI in April.

    I LOVE your franken, and think you should call it MPF - My Private Franken! :o)


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