September 30, 2010

BB Couture- Impact Driver

Good morning! Today I have another BB Couture for you, seems like this brand has been making rounds on the blogs lately and that makes so happy! I don't have too many polishes from them but the ones I do have are pretty awesome! This one, Impact Driver, comes from the polish for men line. I tried to convince my Dad that he could wear it, I mean hello it says it's for men right on the bottle, but he said no lol.

Impact Driver is kind of a dusty slate blue packed with purple and pink shimmer. Unfortunately on my the shimmer got lost in my photo, but I assure you it's there and my camera just sucks. The formula was great, no complaints here! I apologize in advance for the quality of the photo, wish mine had come out better :(

This is 2 coats of BB Couture- Impact Driver and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward


  1. BB rocks and impact driver looks lovely on you

  2. I can see the shimmer! I bet it's just beautiful in person. I asked my DH if he'd ever wear nail polish and he said "Why? So I can look like a drugged out rocker?" LOL They just don't *get* it.

  3. thanks girls! Megan, that's funny. He sounds like all the guys I know lol

  4. this one needs to come to my house!

  5. Hi there, where can I buy this polish?

  6. @monicaparrish3

    You can buy BB Couture polish from :)

  7. wow thank u so much for answering! :)


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