September 26, 2010

BB Couture- Manbug

Good morning! Do we know what today is, other than Sunday of course?!? No? It's Dexter day!! WOOHOO, the new season starts tonight and I am so freaking excited. Dexter has been one of my favorite shows since the very first season it was on. I'm especially looking forward to this season after the way the last one ended, not going to ruin it for anyone but it took me like 5 minutes to pick my jaw up off the floor after last seasons finale. I'm also looking forward to watching the epic "Sharktopus" that I DVR-ed last night, i'm sure it will be full of bad acting and horrible special effects, my favorite!

Onto prettier things, today I have for you BB Couture- Manbug. I got this in a swap over on MUA and I love it! Manbug is  beautiful, a light greenish blue with silver microglitter, or maybe glass flecks I dunno...but who cares it's pretty lol. This polish was pretty sheer, I have on 3 coats in the photos but once I looked at the pictures in macro I realized 4 coats probably would have been better. I usually don't like a polish that requires that much effort, but I really love the color and finish of this one so it get a pass on that.

This is 3 coats of BB Couture- Manbug and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward




  1. I absolutely adore this color!
    It's so nice and delicate!

  2. Lovely color!

    Have fun with Dexter!!

  3. oooh thanks for the post AND thanks for the reminder about DEXTER!!!!!!! yayayayayayayyaya soooo excited.

  4. First of all, pretty color! Second of all, Sharktopus WAS full of bad acting and horrible special effects; horribly, awfully good fun. And thirdly, I agree about the last season of Dexter! We watched it on DVD and I was probably the only one in the world who didn't know about the ending and I too had my jaw on the floor for quite a while. Wickedly good fun! Sorry I had to post this anonymously but I don't have accounts with any of the other choices and I had to comment!

  5. Oh I love Dexter. But here in Germany they sent Season 2. I´m waiting for Season 3 ans 4

  6. OMG Dexter. I only just started watching it so It'll be a while before I get to Season two, but I'm very excited.

    And this BB Couture colour is EXCELLENT. I really adore it.

  7. Its so pretty... sigh... its one to just stare at and adore...

  8. this was my first evah bb couture! i got mine in a blog sale!

  9. Very pretty color. I started to watch Sharktopus last night but ended up watching Grease 2 instead.

  10. I looove this color. So soothing, weird choice of words lol... But it is... I love dexter. But ive only just finished season two... i need to hurry it up....

  11. very lovely....The color is very cool to the eyes....I want to have this color too....


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