September 30, 2010

Claw Polish!

Alright something fun and Halloween-ish for this afternoon! I spotted these a couple weeks ago on a trip to Walmart. I was walking around the Halloween section and these were hiding in the makeup aisle where all the costumes were. Gotta say, I bought them for the bottle...coffin shaped polish, how could I resist?!? Since they are only $3 a piece I justified it in my brain and picked up a few colors. There were 6 or 7 to choose from, Black, Green, Purple, Blue, Orange, Orange & Black Bar Glitter in a clear base and a sparkly Red are the ones I remember off the top of my head...I think there might have been one or maybe 2 more. Here are the bottles, like I said I am kind of in love with this packaging, it's so cute!

I bought a couple others but these are the ones that I played with first. The one on the left is called Sinister and is just a basic black...nothing spectacular. The one on the right is called VooDoo and it's a gorgeous shimmery/glittery red, it's supposed to be used as a top coat and that's what I did with it. Not sure if you could build it up to be opaque on it's own or not. I might try one of these days to find out. I really like the combo, it's very vampy. VooDoo is kind of weird, depending on the angle your looking at your nails from sometimes it looks really glittery and sometimes more of a flat shimmer, you can see the difference in my pictures mostly on the middle and ring fingers. I liked it, I thought that was kind of interesting looking!

This is 1 coat of FrightNight- Sinister topped with 1 coat of FrightNight- VooDoo and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward

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  1. Halloween is my favorite! I'm going to Wal-Mart now to look for these!

  2. That's so stunning!!! I love it!! :D

  3. I need to try and find these, the bottles alone are enough to justify it for me. =)

  4. I like it! I have something like it in my collection so obviously im attracted to shades like this!

  5. Gorgeous combination! Vampy polishes are so much win :D.

  6. ooohh spellbinding top coat.. cool name ^_^

  7. Your making me want to go to EvilMart! That's so I would love to have coffin shaped bottles for my frankens. Too cool!

  8. The package is super cool, the colors too :)

  9. These are just too wicked to not pass up. I'll be looking for them. Thanks for doing this post. :)

  10. this is really nice! too bad they don't celebrate halloween that much here in the netherlands :(

  11. Hmm, seems like the Mart of Wal got more colors than I've seen other places. I hate going there but I might have to for these. Orange and black bar glitter? Sounds tacky and wonderful.

  12. ohh wow.. i want this polish i love the bottle..


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