September 9, 2010

Essie- Merino Cool vs. Confetti- Moonstruck vs. Catrice- From Dusk To Dawn

Good Morning!! When I posted Essie- Merino Cool yesterday Jellynat asked how it compared to Confetti- Moonstruck. When I got home from work I pulled out Moonstruck out and lookie lookie they are very similar in the bottle. Just for fun I also pulled out Catrice- From Dusk To Dawn, it also looks similar! You also get to see my new shorty nails in this post! I chopped them down over the weekend!

I think all 3 are very very similar on the nail and in the bottle, but Essie- Merino Cool and Confetti- Moonstruck are the closest dupes out of the 3. Had I not polished my own fingers I wouldn't have been able to tell one from the other.  Catrice- From Dusk To Dawn looks slightly different...a little more brown maybe? If you like any of these shades I would just get whichever formula, bottle, brush you like better...or whatever is cheaper and most accessible to you.

I have on 2 coats of each polish and 1 coat China Glaze Fast Forward

Index- Catrice From Dusk To Dawn, Middle- Essie Merino Cool, Ring- Confetti Moonstruck


  1. Every brand now has at least one shade of mushroom, it seems, lol. I was going to get Merino Cool but prob have too many dupes of it already :)

  2. Oh, it's super kind of you. Thank You Jen. :)
    I suppose I don't need Merino Cool since I get Moonstruck. ;)

  3. Thank you. You just saved me some money.

  4. I have Catrice - From Dusk to Dawn. I wanted Merino cool, but I think I'm not getting it :)

  5. Jen, I added a link to this post on my post re:Channelesque as people have told me they think merino cool is a good dupe for the ChG!

  6. @Halifax- It does seem like that doesnt it?!? I kinda like it, I love this shade of polish so the more the merrier lol!

    @jellynat- you're welcome!

    @L- woohoo for saving money!

    @Lois- They are very close! You don't really need one if you have the other!

    @MissMidnightBlue- thanks sweets! I like it too! I was getting bored of the old one

    @Jess- Thanks girl! I think it's pretty close to Channelesque too, but I can't seem to find my bottle of that right now :( I'd bet $5 they are dupes!

  7. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this! I just found Confetti Moonstruck at CVS and plan to buy it because I love the Essie Merino Cool, but can't find it anywhere to buy locally and I don't want to pay shipping for nail polish! Thank you, thank you!!

  8. how many nail polishes do u have

  9. a lot, not sure of the exact number though :)


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