September 8, 2010

Essie- Merino Cool

Hey guys! This is the only other shade, other than Sew Psyched, that got my attention from Essie's new Fall collection. It's a taupey color with a hint of purple. It kind of reminds me of China Glaze- Channelesque, I was going to do a comparison but alas my bottle of Channelesque is MIA right now *sad face*. I really liked this polish, it wasn't too thick or thin and the application was spot on. I also didn't run into drying problems like I had with Sew Psyched.

This is 2 coats of Merino Cool


  1. nice color! I'm so bad for not owning any Essie..

  2. beautiful! i keep telling myself that i don't "need" this one, but...

  3. this is much darker than cc's high society?

  4. @Lois- Don't feel bad! In my whole collection I only have 3 Essie's, 2 of them being from their Fall collection from this year!

    @Jess- Thanks girlie! I think you'd like this one!

    @Jamie- I'm not sure how it compares to High Society, I don't have that polish :( Sorry

  5. Your nails look very chic with this color. But sincerely, it reminds me of Confetti Moonstruck. Not sure how it compares though!

    (please, educate the French girl I am, Jen: what does MIA stand for?)

  6. MIA= Missing in Action!

    I'm pretty sure I have that Confetti. I'll find it tonight and see if they are close!


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