September 1, 2010

Mac- Spice Mix

Happy 1st day of September! I'm excited for this month for a few reasons but the top 3 are.... My Birthday....Paramore....MUSE. Lots of good concerts coming to town this month and somehow I lucked out and got 2nd row seats for Paramore and 3rd row for Muse. I about died when I pulled up those Muse tickets. I've seen them a couple times but I've always been so far back that they look tiny on stage!

Today I have for you guys Mac- Spice idea when this came out or if you can still buy it. I got it from a girl on MUA! Spice Mix is a reddish brown with a little of a golden shimmer! Very pretty! The application was good, no complaints here! Ignore the white stuff on the cap, it's from some tape that was on there!

This is 2 coats of Mac- Spice Mix and 1 coat of Poshe

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