September 3, 2010

More Spooning With Zoya!

Hey guys, guess what? I got the 5 spoons I ordered in the mail from Zoya today. Thought I would take this opportunity to show you what they look like on their own and next to the Zoya color blobs from their brochure.

I ordered 5 colors I've always liked from pictures but was never 100% sold on. The colors I chose are Harley, Delilah, Gabrielle, Areetha and Salma. Each Zoya Spoon represents 2 coats of the polish so it's great to see if the polish is sheer or not. Below are pictures of the packaging, the spoons and the comparisons between the spoon and the brochure color blob. Except for Harley which my camera hated...literally every picture was blurry and unusable :(


  1. Areetha and Salma are my favourites.
    The have this kind of gem look to it.

  2. I really like those 2 also, they look like they are glowing!

  3. i have never seen Gabrielle before, it looks pretty awesome! those are the colors that don't look good on me, time to order a spoon!

  4. Yes, thats the word, glow! >o<
    Delilah, close 2nd to both :D

  5. Jess- I hadn't seen Gabrielle has a lot more pink in it than I thought from the color blobs. It's also a little sheer, I could see VNL when I held the spoon over my nail. But it is beautiful, I'll probably order it next time I do a Zoya order! That one alone justified ordering the spoons, I never would have thought that one would be as great as it is!

  6. I like Gabrielle. I ordered 5 color spoons including Deliah. I can't wait to see them in person. I'll have to wait till me mom forwards them to me here. :(

  7. I think that spoon thing is pretty cool, now I only wish Zoya would step in the 21st century and do something about international shipping *sigh*
    I really like Gabrielle, though Delilah is my favourite of the ones you showed :)

  8. I like Gabrielle and Delilah the best. too bad zoya doesn't ship internationally!


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